Salt-Water’s new slides, and the rest of this week’s Shoes News

Salt-Water is doing slides! SQUEEE!!

If you’re not already a Salt-Water Sandals fan, what have you been doing with your life?! Sort yourself out! These sandals are the kind of comfortable goodness that once you’ve tried them, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Add to that the fact that they are 100% waterproof (special coated leather, rust-proof buckles) and you’ll understand why so many people are obsessed. They keep things simple at Salt-Water, and until now you’ve only been able to get their Original and Shark styles in loads of colours, but this year they’re introducing SLIDES! YAY! They’re not arriving in the UK until the end of February, at which point I will be sure to provide you with exact dates. Until then, you’ll have to make do with these pictures. Exciting or what?!

3 of the best…ridiculously snazzy slip-ons


Left to right: embroidered, Zara, £29.99,; silver, Jeffery Campbell, £78,;  pompom, £118,

The Gucci effect continues on the high street, and while I’d really LOVE a pair of the real thing (not the ones with fur, mind you), my budget simply won’t allow for it. But I reckon these all come a pretty close second. There are loads more of this style of flamboyant backless loafer dropping in store later in the season; one of my favourites coming up is Kurt Geiger’s lobster loafers, available in cream or black.

Heels at work is back in the news *sigh*


You may have noticed office flats campaigner Nicola Thorp all over the news again this week (remember her story from last year? She was sent home for refusing to wear heels to work. Hero), because following her petition to ban employers from forcing women to wear heels to work, the government has issued a report which will be debated in parliament on March 6th. It also covers other areas, like women being forced to wear make-up or skirts. We’re not there yet in terms of workplace equality, but you know, baby steps. Anyway, to celebrate inching forward, I’ve updated my office flats shopping gallery with lots of new season styles. You can read that here.

Wow – I got through a whole week without mentioning trainers! That’s a first!!