New Year, new you = new shoes

Happy New Year everyone! Are you all busy making resolutions? I know I am. They involve being more active, eating less meat and having a real go at this full-time fashion blogging lark. But you know what all of these resolutions (and yours) really require? New shoes of course! Because what better way to muster up the enthusiasm to go for a run/eat more healthily/kick-start you career than with a bit of retail therapy?

I know, any excuse…but humour me…

The Running Shoes


GEL-NIMBUS 19 trainers, £145,

I used to love running, but after I was diagnosed with a spinal disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis in my mid-twenties, I’ve had to make do with swimming, Pilates and exercise that strengthens my core but doesn’t really burn any fat. So as I approach my 40th birthday in March, and since the disease is pretty much in remission now, I’ve decided to give it another go. And I know most of you will find this hard to believe, but I don’t have any trainers suitable for running in. I KNOW! IT’S RIDICULOUS! Everyone says that Asics makes the best running shoes, so I think I will invest in a pair. They have great reviews online and my sister-in-law says her physiotherapist swears by them. The styles with gel cushioning seem to be the most highly recommended (weirdly not on the Asics site that I have linked to, but on the independent reviews) so they’re the ones for me as I need that extra support for my back. Oh, and although Asics’ “women’s” trainers seem to be predominantly available in shades of pink and purple, they come in other colours too, including this chic black.

The Vegan Shoes


Oxford brogues, £78,

I’m not becoming vegan this year, but I am planning to eat much less meat (particularly beef) and I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that are giving it up completely, or at least trying Veganuary (yes, that’s a thing apparently!). As a shoe lover and a meat eater, it’s hard for me to imagine not wearing leather at all, but after the recent research I did for my Vegan Winter Boots Guide, I’ve realised that the design of faux-leather shoes has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, so it’s not always the only option for your brogues, boots and loafers. I particularly like Will’s Vegan Shoes, which has a huge selection and sells belts and bags, too.

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The Promotion Shoes


Stanley loafers, £145,

Ever heard that old saying ‘dress for the job you want, not for the job you have’?  Well, I’m a firm believer in it, as I really think that when you’re dressed in a way that makes you feel great and confident, it’s only natural that you’ll do better in, well, pretty much everything. I’m very lucky because I work at home and can ponce about in my socks all day if I want to, but my resolution is to pretend I am going into an office every day to make sure I get good wear out of ALL of my shoes (and it helps for my Instagram account too – because who wants to see daily pictures of my smelly old slippers?!). If you do actually have a job in an office with a dress code, why not invest in a killer pair of work shoes for the new year? Remember to make sure they are comfortable and go with all of your office outfits, as well as being to die for. I love these loafers from Ted & Muffy (one of the comfiest brands around). They’re chic and snazzy, but simple enough to wear with everything, including your jeans at the weekend.

The Reward Shoes


Jordan jacquard loafers, £485,

OK, so you might not be buying these shoes right now, but you’ll be very happy when you do. Because they’re the shoes that mean you reached your target, whether that was to give up smoking, lose weight, stop biting your nails, eat more vegetables, run a marathon…these are your reward for doing so well. A pat on the back for your feet, if you like. It also means that you can give yourself time to save up for a really, REALLY nice pair from a brand you might not usually consider. Because you know what? You’re worth it. (Maybe Gucci is a step too far but aren’t they amazing?!)

I’d love to hear what your New Year’s resolutions are and when you reach them, what your reward shoes will be! Leave comments below or tweet me @enbrogue.