The best vegan and veggie winter boots

This post originally came about after a special request from a lovely lady in my Pilates class who had recently become vegan, and was struggling to find stylish winter boots that fit her ethics. And once I came to research it, I could see why!

While summer is pretty easy to deal with if you want an animal friendly option (there are plenty of rubber and non-waterproof canvas options), when the temperature drops and the rain sets in it’s a whole different story. Because head to the winter boots section of most shops and what do you find? Loads of leather and sheepskin. I might not be a vegan myself, but I know this just won’t do if you are!

However, I was surprised to discover that once you know where to look, there are some really stylish vegan boots out there. Not all of these are really wintery, although some have some snuggly faux fur linings, but all are suitable for a winter in the UK being waterproof, sturdy and comfortable. Some even tick this season’s hiking boots trend (Avesu has a particularly good selection of hikers, both for fashion and actual walking). A lot of these brands and websites sell nothing but vegan clothing, so it’s well worth checking out the rest of their range while you are there. I’ve had loads of you contact me on Instagram and Twitter recently asking for an update, so here it is with nine new season styles. Enjoy!

1. Avesu hiking boots, €99 (; 2. Will’s Vegan Shoes work boots, £88 (; 3. Free People ‘Carmen’ flatform boots, £148 (

4. Beyond Skin ‘Misty’ faux sheepskin boots, £190 (; 5. FC Select hiking boots, £65 (; 6. Spats lined rubber Chelsea boots, £60 (

7. Matt & Nat ‘Fig’ boots, £110 (; 8. Dr Martens Vegan 101 boots, £125 (; NAK ‘Vivien’ long boots, £360 (

This post was originally published in December 2016







  1. Thanks for this, whilst I do wear some leather two of my grown up children don’t and it’s really useful to have good brands to recommend. I definitely draw the line at anything made of “pony” and I’m slowly trying to move towards alternatives to leather which as you said is much easier in the summer!

    • Ah glad it helps! I was so impressed with these designs – it seems we’ve come on leaps and bounds in the past few years.
      (P.S. I have no idea why they named it something that implies it was once a horse, but pony is actually unshaved regular leather if that helps?!)

  2. Hello,

    I’m lead to believe that those 2 different socks with the grenson shoes are yours and not grenson socks .

    Are you able to tell me the brand and where you got them from ?

    I’m guessing you bought 2 different pairs and have mixed them – looks great!!


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