A monthly sock surprise and the rest of this week’s Shoes News

More from Norman Walsh’s Craftsman Project


LA’84 trainers, £125, normanwalshuk.com

This week Norman Walsh has released more from its awesome Craftsman Project – this time it’s a collaboration with Leeds-based heritage woollen mill Abraham Moon (they’ve been around since 1837!) on Walsh’s LA’84 style. While we’re on the subject of Norman Walsh, I noticed that Marks & Spencer still have some stock of the collaboration it did with them, so worth checking that out too!

All I want for Christmas…is an annual sock subscription


Sock subscription, £160, paulsmith.com

I didn’t include this in my Christmas gift guide because it’s more than £20, but this is such a great idea I wanted to make sure you all knew about it! Annoyingly, it is only available for “men” – so for people of any sex with larger feet, I imagine – but if your feet aren’t tiny like mine or you need a gift idea for a bloke, then head to Paul Smith and sign up for its sock subscription. For £160, you’ll received a surprise pair of socks for each month of the year…now we just need it available for women too please, Paul!

Puma releases more Fenty Creepers


Puma Fenty Creepers, £110, pampamlondon.com

OK, I admit it. I really like Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma (except for the weird stiletto boots, obvs) and this week the brand released its latest from her line, Fenty – these velvet creepers. At first I thought the slight platform sole would be too high for me but on closer inspection they’re no taller than a pair of Grensons. So that’s fine! They’re available pretty much everywhere (although sold out on Puma’s own website), including cool east London sneaker store Pam Pam (pictured here).

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