It’s nearly December, which means it’s nearly party season, and that probably means you’re thinking about getting a new pair of shoes. Party season, along with wedding season, is the trickiest time of year if, like me, you’ve ditched the heels for good, but luckily there is far more on offer than ever before in terms of snazzy flats, and one brand that’s doing it particularly well is House of Spring. I’ve teamed up with this new brand for another competition; yes folks, another week and another chance to win a pair of shoes! I really do spoil you don’t I?!


House of Spring is the brainchild of Radhia, who is French but met someone special from London and began to split her time between the two countries. When she started her shoe brand, she wanted it to feel like both of her homes – the tag line is ‘when Paris meets London’ – and the result is beautifully made, classically chic shoes.

Sloane lace-ups, £175,

There are so many to choose from, too. Sloane – my personal favourite – is a suede derby saddle shoe with a glorious spattering of glitter available in navy and gold or all-black. What I love about them, other than the fact that they are incredibly snazzy, is that they are really easy to style. One of the problems I find with party dressing in flats is that I can end up losing my individual style for the sake of looking ‘smart’, but I’m so used to wearing masculine styles like this that they’re no problem at all with the rest of my wardrobe.

The all-black look great with dresses and can actually be worn with black opaques (another annual issue I get at this time of year – some flat shoes just look weird with tights!), and if I had a black tuxedo I would definitely partner it with them. I really like teaming the navy and gold pair with jeans and a statement sweater; the statement sweater is a big trend at the moment, and there are loads of great ones on the high street. The perfect look for the reluctant party dresser!

Portobello loafers, from £155,

Then there’s the Portobello loafer, which comes in tan, black, leopard and the very Christmas appropriate black patent with bows – just add LBD. Or the Paname loafers in black moc croc or blue glitter. I mean, what could be more ideal for a party?! And for those of you holidaying in warmer climes this winter, the Vivi sandals are elegant enough for evening wear.

Paname loafers, £175 and Vivi sandals, £135,

To enter, simply do the following:

  1. Post the picture at the bottom of this post on Instagram
  2. Tag both @enbrogue and @house_of_spring in the picture, and make sure you are following both accounts
  3. Include the comment EnBrogueXHouseOfSpring in your post so we can find your entry!

Here’s the important stuff, PLEASE READ before you enter! You can enter any time from today, Saturday November 26th, until midnight GMT on Friday December 2nd. One winner will be picked at random and announced on Monday December 5th. The winner can choose any style of flat shoe from the House of Spring website, subject to availability. Sloane lace-ups come in sizes 38-41; all loafers in sizes 38-40. Please note, the winner’s prize can only be mailed to the UK mainland. Good luck everyone!


This post was in association with House of Spring

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