Me on the telly (squee!) and the rest of this week’s Shoes News

The BBC’s People’s History of Pop (featuring, err, me!)

Me in 1995 and my collection of adidas Superstars, ranging from 1995 with gum sole (left) to 2015 (right)

So I almost didn’t tell you about this because I’m pretty nervous about it…but I was on the telly this week! The BBC interviewed me about my relationship with music and fashion for their People’s History Of Pop series, and my episode (narrated by the lovely Lauren Laverne) was on BBC4 on Friday. I’m not going to give too much away, but we filmed it at Alexandra Palace (the venue for my first and favourite ever Blur gig) and I brought lots of adidas Superstar trainers with me, as well as my original ticket stub. So yes, it’s all about the shoes! I seem to remember I had lost my voice the week before, so I might sound a bit weird! GAH! Here is the link if you fancy catching up on the iPlayer – I’m around 44 minutes in but the whole hour is well worth a watch to reminisce about 1986-1996.

The Black Friday deal that gives something back


Lovely brand – and friend of En Brogue – Seven Boot Lane is not only offering you £20 off your order this Black Friday until midnight on Sunday, but it will also give £10 per order to The Butterfly Children’s Charity.

The Butterfly Children’s Charity (DEBRA Spain) is an international charity; Seven Boot Lane will be supporting the Spanish branch as it doesn’t receive as much funding and it’s where the brand makes its shoes. The charity works to improve the lives of those living with ‘Butterfly Skin’ (Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB, a disease which causes the skin to
endlessly blister, shear and scar. In severe cases it hurts to walk, eat and bathe.).

To take advantage of the offer, use the code GIVINGBACK.

It’s virtually party season


I haven’t heard Noddy Holder screech ‘It’s Christmas’ yet, but December seemed way too late to update my party flats guide this year, so I’ve done it already. The high street just has so many great party shoes this season! I’ve also got an exciting competition coming up tomorrow where you could WIN a pair of party flats, so watch this space for that…

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