Shoe me the honey

A few months ago I wrote a story for InStyle about the rise of honey…how people (like my friend the blogger The Honey Hunter) are becoming honey connoisseurs, a bit like with coffee and craft beer, but also how the fashion world has got on board with the trend showing LOADS of yummy honey shades of yellow on the catwalk and adorning accessories with swarms of bee motifs. It’s something I feel passionately about for more than just the fact that yellow is my favourite colour and bees look cute embroidered onto bags; bees are in danger and if  bees die out, we are in big trouble as a planet.

mi adidas Samba trainers, from £79.95 (design your own),, wrapping paper, part of a set from The Natural History Museum; Queenie The Bee socks, £5, The White Stuff,, wrapping paper from Oliver Bonas

There is a shopping gallery of lovely honey coloured shoes and bee-related cuteness to follow, but before we get to that, I thought it would be nice to think about what we can all do to help the bees (apologies for going slightly off the flat shoe topic, but this is important, guys!). First and easiest – buy honey! Ideally honey local to your area produced by small beekeepers. In fact, do what I’ve done and buy loads of different types of honey wherever you go – you’d be surprised how different it can taste – and drizzle it over your cheese and biscuits. It’s the best. If you want to learn more about honey, do read The Honey Hunter blog (she also produces her own honey that’s now stocked in Fortum & Mason) because she knows FAR more about it than me.

Second – plant some bee friendly flowers. OK, you might want to wait until spring to do that one, but even if you only have a windowsill you can do your bit. Bees need safe passages they can feed on as they pass through from one location to another and in a built-up city, even a couple of inches of plants can give them the energy they need to get where they are going. It might not seem like much but if everyone does their bit, we can all help. And when someone compliments you on your honey coloured shoes, pass the save the bees message on will you?!


Zara bee slippers, £29.99,


J Crew socks, £16.50,


Nike trainers, £104.99,



Dior bee sneakers, £640,


Zara pom pom ballerinas, £29.99,


Happy Socks, £20,


Penelope Chilvers safari boots, £229,


Gucci bee sneaker, £395,


Spring Court sneakers, £115,


‘Hefner’ black velvet slippers, £180,


Vans Ska8-Hi, £100,

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