Dukes Boots x En Brogue

Well THIS is exciting! I’ve collaborated with gorgeous boots brand Dukes Boots to create a pair of En Brogue Chelsea boots that you can actually buy in real life. Aren’t they just fab?! If I do say so myself…


Dukes x En Brogue Chelsea boots, £150, dukesboots.com

Dukes Boots is a British brand founded by Daisy, who has boot making in her genes (her family are behind the cowboy boots brand R.Soles). The boots are made in Spain and are beautiful quality; the soft leathers and suedes are incredibly comfortable to wear and the leather soles and wooden heels means they feel very luxurious. They make a very grown-up noise when you walk, which you don’t always get when you’re a flats fanatic. The style we’ve done together is a classic Chelsea boot and I’m thrilled with it. I decided on grey suede (grey boots are surprisingly hard to find) with a neon orange elastic (it’s REALLY bright; the pictures don’t do the amazing colour justice!) and a stamp on the sole so you know they’re mine. That’s my favourite bit; I’m going to do a lot of casually standing on one foot so that people can see it!


Chelsea boots really are one of the easiest styles of ankle boot to wear, and I find that particularly true when they have an element of fun to them like these do. You’d think plain black or brown would be more straightforward but I struggle with the more classic styles to be honest. A lighter shade of boot with a pop of colour just looks so great with turned up blue jeans…and you all know how much I love my turned up blue jeans! They’re the sort of shoes that you just need to add a statement coat to in the winter and you’re all set; coat, jeans, boots, go! And what a stroke of luck that the neon orange matches my beloved Preen winter coat perfectly…


Once you’ve handled them and worn them, you’ll realise that these are the sort of boots you might expect to spend upwards of £200 on, such is the amazing quality, but they come in at just £150. You can also get your boots stamped with your initials in black, silver, gold or embossed for an extra £14-18 which is a lovely touch. They are available in size 3-8 now – please note that they are limited edition but you will be able to pre-order if your size has sold out.



I hope you love them as much as I do – it would be lovely to hear what you think!


  1. These boots are gorgeous, but the colour is puzzling. Where you are wearing them they look pale brown/beige/pale coffee with not very orange elastic sides. When the boots are pictured alone they really are grey with bright orange elastic. Which is the true boot?

    • Yes the orange doesn’t photograph as brown as it actually is when in daylight. I’ve just received the official shots from the brand which I’ve added into the article and I think they demonstrate the colours better – grey suede, neon orange elastic!

  2. Fantastic! You must feel bl00dy chuffed about this! Love grey & orange together k pricing sounds pretty fair too. I used to loiter around RSoles on the kings road – never managed to buy a pair but have always remained on my wish list- amazing quality, so I can only imagine that these Chelsea boots will be the same. Congrats 👏🏻

  3. I love these boots! the orange part is the best, I agree. I am more into classic ones though but they look great on you and match your coat perfectly 😉

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