The hottest shade of sneakers right now? It’s pickled ginger. Lol.

In recent weeks, something really strange has been happening.  After spending most of my life harping on about how much I don’t want a pair of pink trainers – because often the smaller sizes only come in “feminine” pastel shades and I’m far more partial to an orange or a navy – I have been lusting after a pair of pink trainers. And lo and behold, here I am with a pair of pink trainers on my actual feet. What the hell happened?!

At this point I need to make things very clear regarding the shade of pink in question. This is not a sickly, girly pink you’d expect to find on a Disney princess’s dress. Nor is it the hot pink worn by Cher in Legally Blonde. Some people are calling it peach. Some people are calling it rose. In my opinion though, this is a very specific shade of what I can only best describe as ‘the weird pickled ginger you get at Itsu’. It’s dusky, with an earthiness to it that reminds me of a faded brick. And I like it.

996 V3 trainers, £70, new; skirt, £99,; miniature schnauzer, model’s own

It all started when I was spending more and more time browsing the excellent edit of trainers at the brilliant East London sneaker and lifestyle store, Pam Pam. I kept being drawn to the pink styles, imagining how great they’d look with some tailored trousers. Maybe I could pair some with a pair of grey ribbed socks. And I’d definitely clash them with a pop of mustard yellow. What a colour combo!

The pair I’m wearing here are the 996 V3 from New Balance (also available in store at Size?); they’re a slightly deeper shade that’s verging on tan (they call it ‘beige’), which I love. They’re the perfect partner for my new Warehouse skirt that you see here (while we’re on that subject, it’s worth checking out the new collection there too); an outfit that’s just been packed for Paris fashion week, which I leave for tomorrow.

As you can see from my picks below, ‘pickled ginger’ trainers are everywhere right now. I’d love to get your thoughts on pink trainers – leave your comments below!

adidas Stan Smith, £100,
Reebok Classic, £42.95,
adidas Hamburg, £69.99,
Converse On Star, £65,
adidas Gazelle, £90,
Vans Old Skool, £60,