UGG on the catwalk at LFW

Sunday at London fashion week means one of my favourite shows: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. I had the pleasure of interviewing the couple behind the brand – Justin and Thea – for a feature for InStyle last year and they were just lovely. They also make REALLY great clothes, so it’s always worth getting up early on a Sunday morning to see their presentation at London fashion week.

Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi backstage at the Preen show at London Fashion Week

Today was no exception – as soon as I arrived I spotted the catwalk. It looked like a pavement and was littered with brightly coloured dried flowers. Then the show itself was gorgeous, and included some cool leather sandals styled with lace ankle socks. But I was surprised to learn that the sandals were a collaboration with an unexpected brand. They are a collaboration with UGG.

UGG by Preen sandals

You can say what you like about UGG, but this is a brand that knows how to reinvent itself. Last summer they challenged me to wear a pair of their summer boots or trainers every day for a week and I was more surprised than anyone that a) it was easy and b) I loved them (you can read that here). Even if you’re not a fan of their classic boots (though I recommend them as slippers if nothing else), it’s well worth checking out what else they do. And now they do catwalk shoes. Cool, eh?!

models backstage at Preen wearing UGG sandals

As well as the slides in black and white leather, there are flatforms, but they are a little too high for me (particularly while recovering from a sprained ankle!). They will be available to buy in February 2017.

UGG by Preen sandals
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