Red Wing now does boots for women!

I’ve always loved Red Wing boots, particularly when they’re paired with a pair of selvedge jeans and a hefty turn-up. Unfortunately for me though, selvedge jeans in my size aren’t the easiest thing to track down and as for size 4 Red Wing boots? Completely impossible. Well, until today that is.


As of right now, Red Wing does boots for women! So here I am sporting my first ever pair of Classic Moc boots (the style I’ve always coveted). I think this is a fantastic move by Red Wing, and reminds me of when Grenson introduced its women’s shoes for the first time (the brand hasn’t looked back since and I love them so much I named my dog after them). Because why on earth shouldn’t women get to wear the same styles as men? Regular readers of this blog will know that it drives me mad when I go into a trainer store and request the pair I want in my size, only to be told that they start at a size 6 and to be directed to the “women’s” section of pink and turquoise styles. I don’t want pink trainers!

Red Wing black

The tide is turning though, and as well as being increasingly satisfied when I’m shopping for trainers, I can now add another menswear shoes brand to my list of favourites. I’ve been wearing these boots for a few weeks now (Red Wing very kindly sent me a pair to try out before the launch date) and can report that they are bouncy and comfortable and an absolute joy to wear. These were developed as workwear boots, so they’re sturdy and durable at the same time as being lightweight. The ‘Moc’ bit in the name refers to the moccasin style stitching on the toe, and I really REALLY love the off-white crepe sole.

Iron Ranger

This is one of the oldest Red Wing styles and is a best seller – they no doubt look familiar to you already from having seen men wearing them (there are other styles available too – see above – but the Mocs are my favourites). They don’t come cheap at £249, but with a brand heritage like this you can bet that they’re built to last (I’ve checked with my male friends who have been wearing them for years and they confirmed this). And they’re easy to integrate into your wardrobe; just add the old favourite turned up jeans and Breton top combo and you’re good to go.

The boots are available to buy from September 1st in store at 17 Newburgh Street, London W1 and from September 6th online at

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