Olympic Converse!

So the Rio Olympics kicked off yesterday, and Converse have done something brilliant to celebrate. Teaming up with Sao Paolo fashion brand PatBo (OK, they’re not from Rio but they ARE from Brazil so it’s FINE everyone – it’s a small detail I’m happy to overlook!) they’ve released these carnival-tastic takes on the classic All Stars. And I absolutely LOVE them!

My PatBo
Converse x PatBo Chuck Taylor All Star, £80, converse.com/uk

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair yesterday and I spent the day fending off compliments from people. I mean, they look amazing, but then when people realise that they are Converse the love for them just multiplies ten-fold. Oh, and then they spot the pink sole and they’re practically swooning on the spot. People do love their Converse, don’t they?! (I’m including myself and my collection of 11 pairs dating back as far as 1990 in that statement, by the way)

PatBo All Star )x
Converse x PatBo Chuck Taylor All Star High Line Shroud, £95, converse.com/uk

Available in four styles (well, five actually, but the fifth is a wedge so let’s just give that a miss), they’re a little more expensive than your average Chucks ranging from £80 – £95, but having been up close and personal with a pair, I can tell you that they look far more expensive than that. The embroidery is absolutely beautiful, and the laces are a sort of silky texture, threading through concealed fabric loops rather than your average lace holes. The pair below are actually painted leather and have a zip in place of the laces.

PatBo All Star
Converse x PatBo Chuck Taylor All Star Shroud, £95, converse.com/uk

They might look a little on the flamboyant side (that’s Brazil for you, folks) but actually, because they’re just a pair of trusty Cons, you already know how to style them up. I actually think nothing looks better with bright colours like this than blue denim, and the black embellished Ox style (below) is good enough to wear with a dress for a night out.

PatBo black
Converse x PatBo Chuck Taylor All Star, £85, converse.com/uk

P.S. For those of you who were showing love for my 10-year-old yellow Converse that I was wearing last weekend, I noticed that they have some in ‘bitter lemon’ available at the moment – a slightly different shade but pretty close. And for those of you who loved my 26-year-old ‘grape’ pair, there is a similar colour called ‘frozen lilac’ online now. You can find both in the Converse ‘fresh colours‘ section.

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