Safety clasp sandals: obsessed!

Back in September last year, I watched Christopher Kane parade his latest incarnation of safety clasp designs: slip-on trainers. He has a thing for safety clasps: they appeared in his  first ever London Fashion Week show in the form of fluorescent belts on neon bandage dresses, and more recently he has been revisiting the idea on bags and high tops. And they’re lovely, but very expensive (the slip ons are £295 at Christopher Raeburn has also used them on sandals with his catwalk collection for Clarks Originals, and although they’re considerably cheaper at £75 (, sadly you can only get them from size 6 up as they are in the men’s collection. Foiled again by my tiny feet. So imagine my delight when I discovered these beauties!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 20.29.00

People Footwear, the brand that makes these amazing pool slides, is new to the UK this season, and its Lennon Chiller sandals are still pretty hard to get hold of. But if you are willing to hunt them down, it’s definitely worth the effort. As well as being a massive tick as far as catwalk trends are concerned, they’re reasonably priced (£55) and are very, VERY comfortable. Like, Birkenstock comfortable, but without the first week of wearing in. Literally the most fantastically comfy shoes ever from the very second you put them on your feet. I’m not even exaggerating, honest.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 20.29.49

In the recent heatwave I’ve struggled to find the will to wear anything else because as well as that comfortable thing, they seem to work with everything in my wardrobe. Even the fact that the temperature is rapidly dropping won’t stop me sporting my beloved Lennon Chillers, because they just so happen to look great with a pair of ribbed socks and culottes, too. Bonus.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 20.29.57

If you’re a size 6 or more, you can pick up a pair in black or red from Zalando, but for smaller sizes and a range of colours, you’ll have to try in person at Choice Stores (Bluewater, Lakeside or Westfield Stratford) and soon at Size? on Carnaby Street. I know it’s old school, but you’ll be glad you made the effort, I promise! Oh and one final thing – they come wrapped in this beautiful illustrated tissue paper. You’re sold, right?

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