MUJI’s customisable sneakers

I love MUJI. The simplicity of everything in store really appeals to me, especially the stationery and those really nice coloured gel pens (I have dozens of them). But other than socks, I’ve never really shopped in MUJI for clothes. Until now.

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For summer, it has brought out ‘customisable sneakers’. They’re not customisable like the adidas adicolor trainers from the ’80s (the ones that came with pens to draw on the white leather) but this version takes far less effort. Simply choose your sneakers – which are classic canvas and rubber tennis shoes priced at a very reasonable £24.95 – and then add some coloured laces and a snazzy patterned insole.

MUJI white sneakers
white sneakers, £24.95, yellow laces, £1.50 and red striped insoles, £6.95, all MUJI

Now, you might wonder what the point is of a snazzy insole, what with your foot covering it up while you’re wearing the shoes and everything, but I have open shoe shelves so I like my shoes to look just as good when they are off my feet. Not only that, it gives you the option of replacing the original insole when it inevitably gets stinky in the hot weather. Because no-one likes stinky summer shoes.

MUJI insole and laces
blue striped insoles, £6.95, red laces, £1.50 and charcoal laces, £1.50, all MUJI

The sneakers come in white (my favourite), red, navy and black. Because they’re such a classic style, they’ll go with everything in your wardrobe and add a distinctly French look to your outfit. They’re made from water-repellent organic cotton, too – bonus! All come with white laces (except the black, which come with black laces and also have a black rubber sole rather than white) and a plain insole. There are six coloured lace options (in addition to black and white, which you can also buy if you happen to need new laces, and they’re only £1.50) and the insoles are jaunty stripes or gingham (£6.95). If you have a store near you, it might be easier to buy in person as the sizes are a little confusing and I had to go down half a size. But I if you do I challenge you to come away without  a little something extra for your new sneakers! They also have them in men’s sizes, and don’t forget to make sure your insole is the right size for your shoes!

MUJI red sneakers
red sneakers, £24.95, light blue laces, £1.50 and gingham insoles, £6.95, all MUJI
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