Could you live by the 10 rules of Sock Club?

Socks – a thing close to my heart, as regular readers of this blog will know (I’ve even got a sock collaboration coming up, more on that soon! Exciting!). So imagine my delight when a whole book dedicated to socks landed on my desk.

Socks: The Rule Book, comes from Sock Club London, a members only club for sock lovers. Now, this book and the club are both aimed at men, but seeing as most of my shoes are men’s styles I figured it was worth a read, in spite of its rather sexist exclusivity.

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The book is packed with interesting facts about the history of socks, plus tips about how to wear them, wash them and store them. I had no idea, for example, that you shouldn’t roll your socks all the way up (just at the top and then lie them flat to avoid unnecessary stress on the fabric), or that there was such a thing as a plastic sock clip to prevent your socks losing each other in the washing machine. Genius! I wouldn’t go so far as the recommended hand washing of socks (I don’t have time to hand wash anything!), but an invention that keeps my socks as a pair is definitely one I can get on board with.



Perhaps it’s because I’m woman, though, that there are some of the 10 rules of sock club that I just don’t agree with. Rule 4, for example – ‘sock coverage, how much to expose or hide’ – states that under no circumstances should skin ‘be visible between the bottom hem of the trouser and the sock’, and is a rule that was being broken by me as I was reading it. Oops. And Rule 7 – ‘socks and sandals: no!’…well, you all know how I feel about that. I am rather partial to that aesthetic (read my Milan Fashion Week socks and sandals challenge). But as I said, I think that’s because I’m female: I’m not sure I’d be too keen on Mr Brogue wearing socks with Birkenstocks or, come to think of it, exposing his mankles too much either.

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That aside, this is a really fun book and a great gift for the snazzy guy in your life who you caught sneakily reading En Brogue: Love Fashion. Love Shoes. Hate Heels (oh yeah, I suppose I’m just as guilty of being gender exclusive too, aren’t I?!). Plus it looks really good with any other fashion books you might have on your book shelf, and particularly lovely, in my opinion, when you remove the sleeve. It just came out this week and is £10, published by Octopus and available on the Sock Club London website, where you can also buy socks and other goodies for the hosiery lover in your life. You can follow Sock Club London on Instagram for constant sock inspiration, too.