My MFW socks and sandals challenge

If you read my London Fashion Week challenge last week, where I had a self-imposed rule of only wearing white trainers for the duration, you’ll know that I went to Milan having decided to only wear socks with sandals. This was more difficult, as it’s a much harder look to pull off, but I am always guilty of dressing a bit too casually for fashion week, and I though this would help me up my game.

Sandals, Senso; socks, MM6; culottes, Mango; coat, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi (TOP IMAGE: sandals, Marni; socks, COS)

I don’t think I could wear socks and sandals this weekend here on the Isle of Wight without drawing unwanted negative attention to my feet, but at fashion week, you can totally get away with it. And all can say is, it was SO COMFORTABLE. Whether you like the look or not, I don’t really care, because it just felt so good! (see my smug face, below)

Sandals, Birkenstock; socks, Topshop; trousers, Zara; roll neck, COS; top, Allude Cashmere

I do actually really like the aesthetic though, and I’m planning to be brave enough to introduce it to my everyday wardrobe choices. The key is all in the type of sock – I favour ribbed, silky styles (COS does some very good ones) or chunky woollen socks (try The Natural Shoe Store) – and choosing the right trousers; I think tailored styles look better and more considered than casual jeans. And if you’re taller than me, try out a calf-length skirt with your sock-sandal combo.



  1. I love the sandals+socks look – how else are you meant to showcase your favourite socks? Never understood why anybody has a problem with it. You look great!

  2. I think I would like the look with chunky sandals like hasbeens, but not with Birkenstocks. You do rock it. And how nice to see your face!

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