This months marks 50 years of the American sports brand K-Swiss (nope, it’s not from  Switzerland!) and to celebrate, it’s launched a special collection of shoes called 50 Love.

K-Swiss Lozan III 50th
K-Swiss Lozan III 50th, £65,

K-Swiss shoes, like so many trainers, were first developed for use on the tennis court in 1966. In fact, they were the first American leather tennis shoes to make an appearance at Wimbledon (remember, adidas is German, whatever Kanye West might have you believe). The limited edition run features styles from the archives including the Classic VN, the retro-style Irving OG (which was actually first released relatively recently in 2010), and the pair I am wearing above, the 1996 Lozan III 50th. All are priced between £60 and £100 and all are white, so totally on trend as well as affordable.

K-Swiss Irving OG, £70,
Classic VN 50th, £70,

Now, I admit, I had never owned a pair of K-Swiss sneakers until a few days ago, but I’m already totally sold. As well as that all-white factor (I am planning to wear a different pair of white trainers every day for London Fashion Week – watch this space for that – and these will definitely make up part of my repertoire) they are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. They have quite a wide fit too; plenty of space for thick socks in this cold weather. So Happy Birthday K-Swiss! I’m sorry it took me 50 years to discover you.

(NB I am not actually 50)

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