Laces: like getting new shoes, only WAY cheaper…

OK, so it’s the end of January. You had just recovered from Christmas, then I told you about amazing shoes that were in the sales, THEN HMRC hit you with your tax bill….so spending money on shoes isn’t exactly top of the agenda at the moment. But if your footwear feels a bit tired and you are hankering after some newness, I have just the thing for you: laces.

I wrote about laces AGES ago, but since then I’ve discovered some new, exciting places you can get them from (yes, I am the sort of person who gets excited by shoelaces), so I thought it was worth an extra post. Besides, that last one was back in 2012…

A snazzy new pair of shoelaces is just the ticket to revive a pair of shoes that you’ve had for years. If you get the right pair, your boots or brogues can even feel like a completely new pair of shoes, and they make trainers just look better all-round, whether they’re new or old (although do make sure they’re nice and clean). Winner. Here are some of my favourite places to get them (in addition to the places mentioned in that original post, which you can read here).


reflective laces, £5.99,


Ropes are the laces that inspired me to do this post. I stumbled across them at the tills in Offspring and I had to buy a pair. They’re chunky and bright and I LOVE them! They come in lots of different colours, and some pairs (like these above) have the added bonus of being reflective (safety first!). Circular styles like this, rather than flat laces, look particularly good in running styles, like my Nike Air Huaraches or something like a Nike Air Max, and high tops.



Rogues Gobstopper shoes, £169,

Regular readers of this blog will already know about Rogues (and in fact, may have recently entered a competition to win a pair). This brand focuses on really fun lace-ups that are inspired by trainers, so it fits with the aesthetic that they all come with optional laces so you can mix up your look. If you can’t afford to buy a pair right now though, you could invest in a set of three of pick n mix laces for just £5. They even come in a striped paper bag, just like sweets from an old-fashioned shop. How lovely!

Mr Lacy

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 17.53.07
Love these camo laces! Picture by @0callmepeach0 via @mrlacyofficial on Instagram

I confess, I haven’t actually used Mr Lacy yet, but I plan to. And SOON. As well as a HUGE range of coloured laces, glow in the dark AND glow in the sun (I know, right?!) laces, two-tone laces and everything in-between, they sell some really interesting patterned laces. I particularly like the camouflage, leopard print and checkerboard styles – they’d all look really cool in a pair of plain white trainers or Converse (and you’ve all got at least one pair of those, I’m certain) as well as running styles. You can also search by shape (fatties, slimmies, ropies etc) which is a must for any sneaker connoisseurs. In fact, I challenge anyone to do a shopping spree on this website and not buy at least three pairs of laces! Prices vary depending on the style but they’re around £4 per pair, so pretty reasonable. Their Instagram account is also well worth following for sneakerspiration.

I’d love to see you wearing your coloured laces, so tweet me a picture to @EnBrogue or tag me on Instagram @EnBrogue. Go on people, pimp your plimsolls! (and brogues and boots…)