the shoes you need if you’re getting a dog

OK, you got me – this post is just an elaborate excuse to show some cute pictures of my miniature schnauzer puppy Grenson! But in all seriousness, since we got him 6 weeks ago, there have been a handful of shoes that I just couldn’t have done without. Forget the Dior Fusions and suede adidas Jamaicas: here are the essential shoes – as well as the obligatory Hunter wellies I’m wearing above – that you need to own if you’re thinking of getting a puppy.

A pair of clogs

Birkenstock Boston clogs, £84.95,

I didn’t realise just how long it is before you can take your puppy for a walk (you have to wait a week after their second set of jabs from the vet, which made Grenson 14 and a half weeks old) – the result of this is that you have to go out in the garden a lot (toilet training a puppy is exhausting!), so you need some shoes that not only slip on and off easily, but are waterproof. I would say that my Birkenstock Boston clogs are perfect, but I know that they also come with a sheepskin lining so I’m lusting after those now!

A pair of ankle length wellies

Ilse Jacobsen Rub wellies, £69 (reduced from £94.99),

I have long been a fan of short Wellington boots – or anklingtons as I like to call them – but I’ve never needed them as much as I do now. They are so much easier to put on that a tall pair of wellies, and are also much easier to make look nice with the rest of your outfit. I love Ilse Jacobsen wellies; I have two pairs and they’re just about as chic as a wellie gets. Don’t be fooled by the laces either – you don’t need to undo them to put them on and take them off. And believe me, when you arrive home with a muddy puppy who has been rolling around play fighting with an Airedale terrier, you need to get your mucky boots off and throw him in the bath as quickly as you can!

A pair of sheepskin lined boots

Eva boots, £150,

For dry days, I love my Eva boots from Seven Boot Lane. I’m lucky enough to have a personalised pair with yellow zips, but the style they have online now is virtually identical. The reason I like these so much is the sheepskin lining – it means when you roll out of bed to take the dog for his morning walk, you don’t even need to worry about putting on your socks. Oh, and they’re really comfortable and looks pretty damn stylish too.

If you want to read more about what Grenson has been up to, check out Mr Brogue’s new blog – Man About A Dog Blog – all about where to eat, drink, stay and play with your four legged friend!


  1. Are the Ilse Jacobsen boots comfy enough for a long walk? I always find my feet move about in wellys too much for a good walk. Was thinking of getting these or the Sorel ones on your other post but worried about getting to hot in the Sorel ones with all the fur lining. Dilemma!

    • I haven’t done anything mega long in them but yes, they’re really comfy. Also coming soon – Mr Brogue and I are road testing Hunter’s new Balmoral wellies which are more of a snug fit and come with a removable insole so you can make them even slimmer.

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