I find that however stylish a person might be outside of the house, everyone LOVES a pair of slippers…so much so that they’re willing to leave their style mojo at the front door in order to be warm and cosy when they get inside. But I have good news, people. The days of the frumpy slipper are over! Because now we have the clog.

There’s so much to love about clogs. They’re mules, so they’re easier to put on and off than some of the boot styles around at the moment (and as the name suggests, slippers shouldn’t be a chore to put on!). Many of them come with rubber soles, so they have a bit of grip and can withstand being worn outside for short periods. Oh, and they look really nice too.

You might remember me writing about Mahabis slippers before; Mr Brogue and I have a pair each, as do my parents and lots of my friends (because guys, slippers make a perfect gift, Christmas or otherwise!). They’re really brilliant because you can remove the rubber sole when you’ve popped out with the bins and your floors won’t get all wet. But they also usually have a special offer on (there’s currently one for 10% off your first order, and they often run codes on Facebook) so you rarely have to pay full price for them. I actually have two pairs of slippers though – my Mahabis are for when it’s not freezing, and when the temperature really drops I switch to my sheepskin lined UGGs. I don’t mind spending a bit more money on a decent pair of slippers because if they’re well made, they’ll last MUCH longer, and let’s face it, these are some of the few pairs of shoes you actually wear every single day…

Anyway, enough about my own slipper collection – here are my favourites that are available to buy at the moment.


‘Gus’ slippers, €69.90, baabuk.com. Available in many different colours. Please note this brand is based in Switzerland and you will need to pay postage unless you spend over €150


Gerlups slippers, £69, toa.st. Also available in charcoal, light grey and turquoise


Haflinger ‘Everest’ slippers, £55, thenaturalshoestore.com. Also available in beige



Camper customisable slippers, £70, camper.com. Please note these won’t be ready before Christmas but they have styles that aren’t customisable too.


UGG ‘Tasman’ slippers, £85, ugg.com. Also available in chestnut and chocolate.


Mahabis classic, £79, mahabis.com. Available in many colour options.

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