I’ve had so many requests for this post! As a flat shoe lover, so it goes that you become both a beautiful floor lover (#tileporn) and a snazzy socks lover too. I know many of you fall into this category too! So there comes a time when the 3 for 2 offers at Gap just don’t cut it anymore. You want socks that are more individual, more of a statement and, well, more snazzy. And once they become an important part of your outfit, you’re willing to spend more on them. So here, especially for you, is my ultimate snazzy socks guide; where to buy them and how to wear them.


Treasure ankle socks, £9.99 by Stance at asos.com (BUY ME HERE!). Suede trainers by Puma

I’ve been harping on about Stance since I discovered its amazing invisible trainer socks in the summer, but its visible socks are just as brilliant. Plenty of snazz, lots of glitter options (so great for party season) and best of all, a choice of lengths. And by that I don’t just mean knee-length or ankle-length. They have calf socks too! ASOS is the best place to get them as they have a really good selection at the moment, but Size? sells them too (it tends to stock the more sporty styles).

This first look was a revelation to me last winter when I wanted to wear culottes but couldn’t bear bare ankles in the cold (and I always think culottes look a bit weird with tights). Don’t be apologetic about your socks! I think a statement pair look great with sneakers like Puma Suedes (above), adidas Superstars or skate shoes. Ankle-length tube-style socks also work well with this look.

Sock Council

Wool herringbone socks, £11, sockcouncil.com (back in stock soon). Superstar trainers by adidas

Me and The Sock Council found each other on Twitter, and I’m so glad we did! This is a society dedicated to the love of socks! It’s not even the only one out there, but the other sock club doesn’t stock women’s sizes, so doesn’t have my seal of approval just yet. As well as being able to join the club and buy badges, you can, of course, buy socks on their website too. This particular pair is sold out at the moment but they assure me they’ll be back in stock really soon, and there are lots of other styles to choose from in the meantime.

Here you see me rocking the super turn-up – these trousers are already cropped but I like them turned up twice for maximum sock exposure. With such a weighty sock, you need either substantial jeans or woollen trousers like these to balance the look.

Luna & Curious

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.15.37
fleur socks, £8 by mp Denmark, and polka dot socks, £15 by Bonne Maison (lunaandcurious.com)

I found Luna & Curious through Instagram (or I should say, they heard about my sock addiction and looked me up!). This lovely east London boutique has a brilliant selection of quirky socks by mp Denmark and Bonne Maison which are a little pricey, but are beautiful quality and have a lovely silky feel. They also wash really well. I reckon they’d make a great Christmas present (ooo, here’s a gift idea – a bundle of socks and my new book The Trainers Guide all tied up with a ribbon! Just saying…)

The Natural Shoe Store

Bonne Maison socks, £15, thenaturalshoestore.com (BUY ME HERE!). Saddle shoes by Grenson

The Natural Shoe Store really is a joy to visit (you can read more about it here) and it has a fantastic selection of socks. Like Luna & Curious it stocks Bonne Maison (the pair in this picture are based on vintage kimono prints) as well as Scott Nichol, Birkenstock (yes, they do socks) and Hirsch.

I really like dark indigo jeans with smart shoes and patterned socks. It’s also nice to pick out a colour that appears on your shoes in the socks; so here the yellow matches my Grenson saddle shoes and the dark stripe matches the blue jeans. It might be a bit match-matchy for some people, but I love it.

Happy Socks

This colour isn’t available anymore but click here for a similar style. Brogues by Barbour

OK, so with Happy Socks you are likely to get someone saying “ooo, I have those EXACT socks” but I still really like them because there’s such good choice and the prices are reasonable, plus they’re good quality and last ages. Another great option for gifts.

This is my favourite pair of Happy Socks – I love the paisley design as it goes really well with brogues and smart trousers, which I find one of the hardest things to wear socks with and still look chic without looking totally bonkers. I think the key is to stick to a tonal colour palette, so here it’s all browns and oranges. Red and white stripy socks might have been a step too far…


HeatTech socks, £9.90 for two pairs, uniqlo.com (BUY ME HERE!). Sneakers by Rose Rankin

I had literally never thought of buying socks from Uniqlo until this week when, I admit, they sent me a couple of pairs to try out (I’m very lucky to do the job that I do). And I love them! They’re no ordinary socks though – these are from the HeatTech range, which I have been a fan of for ages (I wear the heat regulating vests all year round). As well as keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, they have anti-bacterial and anti-odour qualities. Who could ask for more than that in a sock? Oh, and they’re cheap too.

Here you see me employing the old monochrome trick – you can totally get away with lots of different prints if everything is in black and white. Just make sure you keep the rest of your outfit simple. I was wearing a plain grey sweater with my blue jeans.

Pam Pam

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 12.06.13
Chup socks, £20, pampamlondon.com (BUY ME HERE!)

Finally, long overdue on my to-do list is a visit to Pam Pam in east London (what with working full time, writing a blog and a book and getting a puppy, I’ve been a bit strapped for time just lately!) but I will get there next week I hope. Pam Pam is a women’s lifestyle store that specialises in selling trainers (yay!) but it also sells socks. My favourites are these seasonal beauties. Chups aren’t cheap, but they look amazing with trainers.

I love the juxtaposition of a geeky chunky sock with the sleek line of a pair of trainers. For more inspiration, have a look at that other sock club I mentioned – Sock Club London – I’m hoping that by giving them a mention they might start stocking socks to fit my tiny feet (size 4 guys, if you were wondering…).

I’d love to see how you’re wearing your snazzy socks – tweet me or tag me on Instagram!

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