Now and again, it’s important to stop and re-evaluate the British high street. And as far as Marks and Spencer is concerned, that time is now. Its Best of British range is really great; as the name suggests everything is made in the UK, which always gets my seal of approval. But this season they’ve also introduced trainers from one of my all time favourite brands: Walsh .

me in my Walsh trainers

If you don’t already know about Walsh – which you probably don’t because it’s a pretty niche label and you won’t find them in Offspring or Foot Locker – it’s a really interesting brand. I won’t tell you the whole story because I’ve done that in my new book – The Trainers Guide (out now!) and I’d quite like for some of you to go out and buy it, so you can read about it in there! I know, I’m selfish. But in a nutshell, it’s a heritage brand (which just means it’s been around for ages and it’s a company we as a nation should be proud of) and it makes really, REALLY nice trainers. I already have a couple of pairs (you can see the full range on their website here) but M&S has its own designs that aren’t available anywhere else. Nice one, Marks and Sparks!

grey suede, £99, (BUY ME HERE!)

Other things to love about these trainers? They’re really lightweight, so are an absolute pleasure to wear. They need precisely NO wearing in and are comfortable from day one. And they have a lovely, old school feel to them, particularly in the colours that Marks and Spencer has chosen to stock.

Best Of British Beige Trainers T028020A £99 October
biscuit suede, £99, (BUY ME HERE!)

You should check out the rest of the Best of British range too. Items I’d like to pair with my Walsh trainers include these wool trousers (always a winner with trainers), this checked shirt dress (very House of Holland) and this jumpsuit (though I suspect I’m too short to really pull it off). So the next time you’re passing Marks and Spencer, drop in and take a look! You might be pleasantly surprised.

black suede, £99, (BUY ME HERE!)


One thought on “ you can now buy one of my favourite trainer brands…at Marks and Sparks (yes, really!) ”

  1. Hi,
    I just thought I’d say how great I think M and S are. They have properly shaken it up recently and have a superb range of beauty as well as the Best of British and some really lovely cashmere. I really hope people are cottoning on to this – if we don’t use it we’ll lose it…

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