Another fashion brand with totally lush trainers: Mint Velvet

I’m not just saying this because I’ve recently had a book published on the subject (honest!), but there really has never been a better time to be a woman and a fan of trainers than right now. Because as well as all the exciting stuff that’s happening with sports brands at the moment (more on that later this week), pretty much all fashion brands are producing their own take on sporty footwear too. So there are absolutely loads of options to choose from if comfy footwear is your bag…and some of them are really, REALLY nice.

Grey Bonny suede plimsolls, £89, (BUY ME HERE!)

Today I’m looking at a brand that I’ve been a fan of for years now – Mint Velvet. As well as being a great place to pick up clothes (I have a black leather skirt that I literally don’t know what I would do without), it had a really good offering of sneakers for the new season. My favourites are the tennis shoe-style plimsolls called ‘Bonny’, which come in the grey suede I’m wearing here and black (below). They have a classic, simple shape, which is always something to look for when going for fashion rather than sports trainers, and I love the animal print on the heel. They’re classy and subtle, but still have a hint of fun.

Black Bonny
Black Bonny plimsoll, £89, (BUY ME HERE!)

As you can see, I’ve tried them out for myself and can confirm that they’re really comfortable. As it’s Sunday, I’m currently rocking them with my favourite Sunday attire – my beloved Zara dropped crotch onesie!! – because I’m chilling out indoors, but they’re one of those shoes that’s super versatile when it comes to styling them up. I’ll be paring them with black tailored trousers for work but they look lovely with jeans, too. And you could probably get away with wearing the black ones with tights when it gets colder – something that’s hard to find in a pair of trainers. Oh, and at £89, they’re very reasonably priced for a top quality pair of kicks.