How you can get a bit of mindfulness with En Brogue

This week has been so exciting with the release of my second book – En Brogue: The Trainers Guide – and I’ve got some cool competitions coming up over the next couple of months that you can get involved in too. The first is one for anyone who feels creative, because it involves colouring.

Nike Blazer
my original illustration for The Trainers Guide cover

Gone are the days when colouring was just for kids – colouring books are huge news at the moment with the mindfulness movement, which reckons that colouring is really good for your state of mind. As an illustrator, I totally agree with this! Nothing clears my mind and makes me feel relaxed like a bit of painting (I’m just waiting for some watercolours to dry as I write this, in fact).

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 14.14.06
this is just crying out for you to colour it in!!

So if you fancy winning a signed copy of my book, just get out your pencils, paints or crayons and have a go at designing your own pair of Nike Blazers, as seen on the cover of the book. I’ve got three copies to give away, and I’ll be picking the winners myself – they’ll be my favourites, not picked at random, so make sure you make an effort!

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 14.13.52
some inspiration for your entry

To enter, just download the template here and post your finished picture on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #trainersguidecomp, tagging in @enbrogue. You’ve got until the end of October to enter, and you can read all the terms and conditions here. Oh, and you’ll feel great at the end of it too! Happy colouring!