Hush Puppies: magic waterproof shoes

I recently was treated to a dinner hosted by the American shoe brand Hush Puppies (at the Sky Garden, an amazing rooftop restaurant in London, since you ask), where, right between the main course and desert, one of the representatives grabbed a lovely pair of orange suede desert boots and chucked her glass of water over them. “See?!” she cried, “it’s Worry-Free Suede!”. Worry-Free Suede is not a new thing – Hush Puppies invented it decades ago – but I had never seen it in action before. The water just formed into droplets and slid off the suede, leaving no trace or marks whatsoever. Genius! I was convinced it wouldn’t work but I double checked the boot on my way out at the end of the night (after it had had three or four more glasses of water chucked at it – poor boot) and it looked perfect.

Hush Puppies black
Cyra Catelyn boot, £80, (BUY ME HERE!)
The brand Hush Puppies dates back to 1958 and was popular with hip musicians in the Sixties (it’s even thought that a pair saved the life of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards when he was nearly electrocuted and his crepe soles insulated him from the shock). They fell out of favour for a while but had a resurgence in the Nineties and have caught my eye again with these snazzy desert boots. Not only are they super comfortable and have a rubber sole (those pesky crepe soles are a nightmare in the rain) but they’re made of the aforementioned Worry-Free Suede, making them unlikely candidates for the mantel of Perfect Boots To Wear In The Rain (I would NEVER normally recommend this of a desert boot).

Hush Puppies brown
Cyra Catelyn boot, £80, (BUY ME HERE!)
They’re currently only available in black camouflage and brown, but I’m hopeful that those snazzy orange ones will make their way over from America soon, too.

Disclaimer: these boots have a very subtle, very small concealed wedge. It’s so squishy you barely feel it, in fact, I’m not 100% it even exists. But just in case…

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