mi adilette: the ultimate pool slides

There are pool slides, and then there are Pool Slides; super high-quality sandals that are customisable to such an extreme that they make me pull a ridiculous face like this (above) and deserve capital letters. I ordered these babies a while ago and they arrived yesterday to squeals of excitement from both me and my editor at InStyle, who couldn’t quite believe that something so brilliant had happened (and it hadn’t even happened to her!). Have you got the gist of how much I love these shoes? Good. That’s that sorted.

these shoes have my name on them
these shoes have my name on them

Now, often in my line of work I am lucky enough to have things customised – to pick my favourite colours to use on a handbag, say, or to have my initials monogrammed into anything from a pair of Marks and Sparks pants to a set of petanque from Dior. Which is GREAT and everything, don’t get me wrong, but when someone says “ooo, I like your bag, where did you get it?” I can’t direct them to a place they can get one for themselves, because it was just a special thing they did for the fashion press. This is NOT one of those situations! Because with mi adilette, you can customise your own Pool Slides however you want them just by doing it online. That’s all I did. And that’s how I got the excited face and the excellent shoes.

There are a few options – go to adidas.co.uk to see them all – so check them out before you start to make sure you have the right pair for you. For example, if you’re not really a rubber shoes kind of a gal (or guy, come to that – guys are not excluded from this game!) you’ll want the mi adilette Premium, where you can choose luxurious finishes like a ponyskin strap and suede sole.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 17.02.54
Anyone marrying James Bond this summer? from £38, adidas.co.uk

If you want to make a statement or perhaps are thinking of giving them as a gift (it’s just occurred to me that a pair of these would be a brilliant present for a new bride to change into on the dance floor at a wedding, if her new surname is short enough), you need mi adilette Your Call, where you can choose four letters to put on each shoe (I really lucked out that En Brogue is only eight letters!). These have a leather strap and the letters are embroidered in cotton, so they look really cool and are top quality.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 17.04.16
Yowzas! Colour clash! £27, adidas.co.uk

Even the classic mi adilette original design from 1972 (you know, the one with the stripes that footballers wear with socks in the changing rooms) is available to pimp, as you’re able to choose your colours. And these are the cheapest option, too, starting at just £27. And the benefits don’t stop there! They have a moulded sole (a little like a Birkenstock but less exaggerated) so they’re REALLY comfortable. A word of warning though – they come up slightly small so you might want to go up a size if you have long toes!

Anyway, I’m just happy that the sun is coming back out this weekend so I can wear them and wear them and wear them!