The UGG challenge

When UGG got in touch and challenged me to wear their shoes for a week, I jumped at the chance. I may not be a traditional UGG boot kind of girl, but I’ve been really interested in the  variety of styles that are on offer now. In fact, I’ve been meaning to try a pair for myself since I slipped on my niece’s sheepskin lined brogues at Christmas when she wasn’t looking. They were SO NICE.

OK, so you think sheepskin lined shoes are going to be really hot? Here’s the thing about wool; it’s a self-regulating fabric as far as your temperature is concerned, so as well as keeping your feet warm in the winter, it keeps them cool in the summer. True fact! Which makes these shoes good for all year round. It also means that you can get away with wearing no socks and the shoes are far less likely to rub. And nothing feels quite as dreamy as sheepskin against your bare feet…

The shoes UGG asked me to try were from their sneakers and summer boots collection: five days, five pairs of shoes. Here are the results.

Day 1 in ‘Jemma’ trainers

Gemma lifestyle

Day one was an office day, so I needed to look pretty smart. Tennis shoe-style trainers like these always look really good with tailoring, so I paired them with some smart, cropped cigarette trousers (always remember to show a flash of ankle as it’s more elegant) and my new favourite long trench that I like to call my ‘Inspector Gadget’ coat. The trainers finished off the look brilliantly, and their quilted design is bang on trend – quilting is BIG news for the autumn.

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Gemma full length

Day 2 in ‘Camellia’

Camellia lifestyle

I was out and about on appointments on day two, so I didn’t need to look as smart. Definitely a jeans day, and in my book, nothing looks better with blue denim than a bright pair of suede shoes. These boots are absolute perfection; they’re cut really low on the ankle which is REALLY flattering, they’re sheepskin lined (feels like wearing your slippers out!) and that colour! The colour is just devine. Oh, and to top it all off they have a crepe sole, and it doesn’t get more comfortable than a crepe sole.

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Camellia full length

Day 3 in ‘Tomi’

Tomi lifestyle

A plain black trainer is a really useful thing to have in your wardrobe if you need to look smart, as I did on day three, but your work dress code allows you to look a bit more edgy. As with the Jemma trainers, I’ve teamed these ones with a bit of tailoring but the dress is made of jersey, which carries through the sporty vibe. None of these trainers are fully sheepskin lined but they do have sheepskin across the inner heels, which prevents rubbing. Genius.

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Tomi full length

Day 4 in ‘Taya’

Taya lifestyle

I spend a lot of my time on the Isle of Wight where I grew up, and it’s practically the law to wear shorts there from about May 15th onwards. That’s where I was on day four. These canvas trainers look really cute with a pair of shorts while it’s still warm (much better than a high-top trainer which would cut off your legs a bit), and I think they felt rather at home on the beach. Did I mention that they are super-comfortable? No? Well, they were. And that slightly off-white colour is much less harsh against your legs than pure white if you didn’t manage to get a tan this year…plus they’ll look great with jeans when it starts to get chilly.

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Taya full length

Day 5 in ‘Clementine’

Clementine lifestyle

I was still on the Isle of Wight for day five, where there is pretty much always something going on well into the autumn. Countless festivals, rowing and sailing regattas, food fairs…so a good ‘festivals and similar occasions’ pair of boots is essential to my wardrobe. These boots are those boots! They’re like the red ‘Camellia’ boots but slightly higher cut and with a zip. They’re still pretty low on the ankle though, which is great for leg lengthening purposes. If a short girl like me can wear them with a skirt, anyone can. Just add a jaunty hat and you’re good to go.

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Clementine full length

Photographs  by Holly Jolliffe

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