raffia Superga? Perfect for summer holidays

Firstly, my apologies for the lack of new posts. I’ve been busy writing my book for the past month but I’ve nearly finished! I’m so excited for you all to see it in October. Light at the end of the tunnel means I can start writing on here again, and as today sees the launch of an exciting collaboration, it seemed a good place to start.


The pairing is between Italian tennis shoe specialist Superga and fashion blogger Gala Gonzalez, creator of AMLUL. Gonzalez is Spanish, and has gone back to her roots by using natural materials like raffia for her collection. The results are these lovely, rustic-looking trainers. I imagine you’re all already big fans of Superga – a brand you can trust for comfort and quality as its been making tennis shoes since way back in 1911.


I’ll probably avoid the flatforms – lovely as they are, they’re a little too high for me – but the other styles are really cool. There’s something about raffia that’s particularly evocative of holidays, and I reckon these would make the perfect addition to your suitcase if you’re off to warmer climes in the next couple of months. You’ll need to take care of raffia though; try not to get caught out in the rain and, unlike with their canvas cousins, DEFINITELY don’t put these babies in the washing machine if they get a bit grubby.


As you’d expect for a special collection, these are a little more pricey than your average pair of Superga (they range from £85 to £135), but you’re getting a real statement shoe for those extra pennies. Those muted shades will fit well into any wardrobe too. I’d wear with my khaki summer jumpsuit (it has short sleeves and legs) or how about with a pair of mustard culottes and a crisp white T-shirt? Ooo, that would be lovely! Now, where to get a pair of mustard culottes…


You can shop the full Superga x Gala Gonzalez collection here.

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