Get 15% off at Northern Cobbler with En Brogue

Good news flat shoe lovers! As one En Brogue special offer ends, another begins, and from today until the end of the month you can get 15% off at Northern Cobbler. Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with this lovely brand, but for anyone who hasn’t heard of them, they come highly recommended from me. Traditional shoes with a modern spin, these beauties take their inspiration from traditional men’s dress shoes and, in a similar vein, are absolutely beautifully made. This in turn means they last a really long time and are incredibly comfortable – both very important things when you are splashing out on an investment shoe.

What I love about Northern Cobbler is all the little details. Even on a pair of summer sandals you’ll find a nod to men’s shoes like a kiltie (that’s the fringed leather bit) or brogue holes on the straps. All the shoes are named after types of fish, which is a lovely touch. And when you buy a pair of shoes they arrive beautifully presented in a gorgeous box – those little things really mean something!

NC white
Platy, £185 – £157.25 with discount – (BUY ME HERE!)
NC fisherman gold
Nibblefish, £210 – £178.50 with discount – (BUY ME HERE!)
Stonefish, £145 – £123.25 with discount – (BUY ME HERE!)

Here are just a few of the styles on offer but there are even more on the website and remember, Northern Cobbler does fabulous men’s shoes too, so your other half can use the discount too if he likes. To get your 15% off, simply enter the code ENB16 at the checkout any time from today until the end of May. I’d love to know if you buy something, so tweet me a picture of your feet when your shoes arrive. Happy shopping!

NC slim sandal
Dory, £145 – £123.25 with discount – (BUY ME HERE!)
Northern Cobbler gold sandal
Platy, £185 – £157.25 with discount – (BUY ME HERE!)
NC black
Pompano, £240 – £204 with discount – (BUY ME HERE!)
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