Northern Cobbler’s brand new trainers

Northern Cobbler is one of my favourite shoe brands, not least because they have a great sense of humour and name all of their shoes styles after types of fish. They also stock my book! You can buy it here.

Anyway, Northern Cobbler believe in making really beautiful, comfortable, quality shoes and their new trainers are just that. With styles for both men and women, my favourites (and new addition to my wardrobe) are called Stonefish. They’re made of leather and have the cool, simple design of a classic tennis shoe. I also love that slightly off-white rubber sole. I really can’t see a time in my life when I won’t want to put these on my feet.


Stonefish pile
Stonefish in white, £145, (BUY ME HERE!)

The other trainer style for women is called Threadfin, and is leather and suede with a cool square design on the side. And Stonefish is also available for men in grey or tan woven leather as well as white, so if you are a size 7 or bigger, you have that option too!

Threadfin, £145, (BUY ME HERE!)
Stonefish grey
Stonefish in grey, £140, (BUY ME HERE!)