Ronnie Northampton: beautiful boyish shoes for girls, handmade to order

You might remember back in November I told you about Ronnie Northampton, a fledgling shoe company that was using Kickstarter to raise enough funds to launch its brand. And I’m happy to tell you that yesterday, the website went live for the first time. Congratulations to the brand’s brainchild, Kirsty Ronnie, whose passion for hand making beautiful shoes in the UK has won out. Yay!

Joycee double strap monk, £349, (BUY ME HERE!)

What I love about Ronnie Northampton, other than those AMAZING designs, is that Kirsty is using the same thinking that a lot of us apply to food these days: keep it local. By sourcing materials locally and making her shoes in Northampton, she’s playing her part in preserving skills and traditions that this country is so good at. So while I’m eating my freshly caught mackerel and tucking into some beautiful Isle of Wight cherry tomatoes, I can be confident that the shoes on my feet weren’t mass produced in a factory on the other side of the world either. Rather, they were hand-made to order by a skilled crafts person in the shoe making capital of Britain.

Miriam tassel loafer, £349, (BUY ME HERE!)

Anyway, on to those shoes. They’re all based on traditional masculine styles but have a quirky feminine twist. Take the Miriam for example; on the face of it, a smart black loafer, but look closer and you’ll notice that it has FOUR tassels, rather than the usual two. Or the Minnie, a Derby with a contrasting silver T-bar inlaid into the toe cap. These are shoes that will get you noticed and get people talking, and anyone who knows anything about shoes will want to know where you got them!

Nelly Oxford, £349, (BUY ME HERE!)

To see the full range, head to the Ronnie Northampton website.