New year, new shoe: 7 reasons to treat yourself to a new pair of flats

Happy New Year to En Broguers everywhere! Hope you had a good one and aren’t nursing too heavy a hangover. The chances are that I am currently very thirsty and have a terrible headache, but I had the forethought to write and schedule this post in advance of my New Year’s Eve party – there’s no need for you all to suffer because I had a few too many glasses of English sparking wine (my new tipple)!

Anyway, I’ll take any opportunity to encourage you to buy a gorgeous new pair of shoes (#enabler), and welcoming in the new year seems like a pretty good excuse. You deserve it! So I’ve come up with 7 reasons you can use to justify splashing out on a stylish new pair of flats.

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Oxfords

1. They’re still totally on trend

It’s been a few years now since flat shoes started to make their way down the catwalks to the delight of people like me who just can’t wear heels, and their presence at fashion week is as big as ever. Having seen all of next season’s collections for myself already, I can assure you that wearing a brogue is still en vogue for summer 2015. More about that soon…

2. The choice is better than ever

Sooner or later, there might be a tipping point when the fashion world decides it’s time for heels to be “in” again. Now, I won’t be jumping on that particular bandwagon, but while flats are on trend you won’t find a better selection to choose from. Personally, I don’t actually think we’ll ever go back to the days when flat shoes were hidden at the back of the shop, but it’s just not worth the risk so I’m stocking up while the going’s good just in case.

Grenson Derby brogues

3. Men understand (finally)

I think it took some guys (not ALL guys, but some) a while to come round to the idea that a woman can look brilliant and sexy in a flat shoe, but now that they’re on board, let’s not confuse them.

4. Your feet are really happy about it

Apparently, you’re not meant to wear the same pair of shoes every day because it’s bad for your feet. So you need at least three pairs of stylish flats to rotate as your wardrobe dictates. Remember – buying lots of pairs of cheap shoes is a false economy as a) they will wear out quickly and b) you won’t wear them because they are uncomfortable. If you only have three pairs of shoes in your wardrobe, make them a brogue, a Chelsea boot and a pointy flat. These will see you through everything.

Ludwig Reiter Chelsea boots

5. Your back is really happy about it

It’s not just wearing flat shoes that’s good for your back, it’s not lugging around a spare pair of flats in your handbag, too. Have a think about it – your back and shoulders have probably been in tip-top condition since you ditched the heels, right?

6. You’ve worked out how to style flats and you’re happy with it

Once that lightbulb goes on and you figure out how to wear flats with the rest of your wardrobe (maybe it was discovering snazzy socks and turning up your jeans, or that smoking slippers go with literally everything), the world is your oyster. You deserve the chance to test out your new found knowledge with a brand new pair, and so do your feet.

7. Your dress size might change with that new year diet, but your shoe size won’t

Whether you’re about to lose weight with your new year fitness regime, or you’ve gained a few pounds over Christmas eating all the chocolate (I don’t even like chocolate that much but I’ve eaten a LOT of chocolate orange this week) even if your dress size changes, you’ll be very unlucky if your shoe size changes over your lifetime. Buying a pair of shoes is potentially a life-long investment. Go on…treat yourself!

Nicholas Kirkwood boots