5 Christmas stocking fillers under £20 for the girl who loves flat shoes

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Hi boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/brothers/sons/dads and anyone else who is stumped on what Christmas present to buy the girl in their life who loves flat shoes! *waves*

Now, I know that what you REALLY want to do is buy her that gorgeous pair of Grenson shoes she’s been going on about ALL YEAR. But you can’t afford it and slippers from Primark just won’t do will they? So I’ve put together a list of stocking fillers that will set you back no more than £20 while still showing that you’ve been paying attention to what she likes. You’re welcome.

1. A pair of snazzy socks

Clockwise from left: Happy Socks optic socks, £9, happysocks.com; Pub Carpets Of The World socks, £18, sockcouncil.com; Bonne Maison Kimono socks, £15, thenaturalshoestore.com 

If she’s into her brogues, or trainers for that matter, chances are she’s also partial to a snazzy pair of socks. I know I am. And any sock lover will be thrilled with some new threads in her stocking (I also think this is a great present for guys, FYI). Happy Socks is a really good bet as they’re great quality cotton as well as being really affordable, The Sock Council have a brilliant ‘Pub Carpets Of The World’ collection out at the moment, and Bonne Maison are really silky, special socks.

2. A shoe care kit


Top: Dr Martens shoe care kit, £15, drmartens.com; bottom: Sneakers ER kit, £19.95, sockcouncil.com

For the most part, you’ll find these in the ‘for him’ sections in stores. Why, WHY retailers think that women don’t need to clean their shoes I don’t know. If you can’t stretch to a kit, I really recommend a suede brush (£3.50,  johnlewis.com). They work brilliantly to revive sorry looking suede shoes and boots.

3. Some new shoelaces

Clockwise from top: Ropes laces, £4.99, offspring.co.uk; Mr.Lacy ‘Hikies’, £4.90, mr-lacy.co.uk; leather laces, from £3.99, freshstep.co.uk

So you can’t afford to get her a new pair of shoes, but you can totally afford to get her some new shoelaces! From hiking styles for sturdy boots (bang on trend this season) to snazzy rope laces for her favourite trainers, there’s never been an easier time to find so many options. I’ve listed some of my favourites above – I particularly like Mr.Lacy for the vast search options and helpful info on what length laces you might need.

4. Some shoe-related paraphernalia 


Clockwise from top left: ClipIt Sneakers, £3.38, sweatband.com; sneakers badge pack, £3.99, europosters.co.uk; ‘Emily’ pin badge, £8, grenson.com

Many people, me included, are WELL into their stationery, and when my publisher bought me these paperclips last year I was THRILLED! How cool? I’ve also included some badges; badges and patches are a big trend at the moment so even if she’s in her 40s, she may well be partial to pinning something on her denim jacket!

5. A book about stylish flat shoes

En Brogue: Love Fashion. Love Shoes. Hate Heels. and En Brogue: The Trainers Guide, £10 each, waterstones.com and all good book stores

*shameless self-promotion face* So….I just so happen to have written not one, but TWO books about stylish flat shoes that are the PERFECT Christmas gift for your shoe-loving girl. They’re only £10 each and small enough to fit into a stocking! They’re full of interesting facts about shoes and trainers (did you know the Nike Air Max is modelled on the Pompidou Centre in Paris?) as well as my illustrations and photos of loads of lovely shoes and sneakers. I reckon she’ll LOVE it.

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