I know you lot love Clarks, so I thought you’d like a sneak peak at some of the styles on offer for next season (yes, we magazine people are harping on about summer ALREADY). Clarks seems to be getting better and better each season, and although I always particularly look forward to the Originals and Orla Kiely collections, there are some lovely styles in the main line too.

Main line

Busby Folly in rose gold
Busby Folly in rose gold

I really liked the Busby Folly range for AW14 (especially the bottle green patent ones) so I’m pleased to see the style carried through for another season. They’ve gone a bit snazzier in rose gold and snake print, and are all the better for it.


Busby Folly in snake print
Busby Folly in snake print

I also really loved these loafer-sneaker hybrids in lemon yellow. Sadly it’s the only colour they come in but if you’re only going to do one colour, make it yellow I say!

sporty tassel loafers
sporty tassel loafers


The classic desert boot comes in chalky pastel colours for next season, and I was also delighted to see these floral Wallabees in small sizes. YAY! Let’s hope that goes all the way through into production – it’s annoying when we girls don’t get the chance to wear some of the styles in the Originals range. I’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair of Wallabees since watching Breaking Bad but haven’t been able to track down any size 4s. Unless they have a wedge heel, and I’m OBVIOUSLY not going there!

pastel Desert boots
pastel Desert boots
paisley Wallabees - I'll take t
floral Wallabees – I’ll take take those in navy please!


Orla Kiely

This is the bit you’ve all ben waiting for, I know.

school uniform chic - love it!
school uniform chic – love it!

Next season’s Orla collection is Sixties inspired, as you would expect, and has a good focus on flats which hasn’t always been the case so I’m pleased about that! There are masculine loafers and feminine T-bars too, as well as the gorgeous geeky T-bars above. It’s a shame they don’t all come with these lovely display backgrounds too! I can’t get enough of an Orla print, me…

Orla Barbara (great Sixties name!)
Orla Barbara (great Sixties name!)
VERY snazzy loafers
VERY snazzy loafers


3 thoughts on “ see all my favourite Clarks styles for next season now ”

  1. Sweet Jesus, I want the Busby Follys in Rose Gold, and I want them now!! On an aside, Clarks’ sale (20% off!) just started today and I scored some of their oxblood patent Busby Jazz for a nice little bargain *does a new shoe dance* Woop! x

    1. Hi Ayra – this is actually an old blog post and those shoes were from the summer 15 collection, so if you can’t find them I imagine they sold out. Maybe try the Clarks customer services number to be sure?

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