Sneak preview: see next season’s Grenson shoes NOW!

It’s a funny old life, working in fashion. Just as everyone else is unpacking their winter woollies and thinking about buying a sturdy pair of new boots, we’re planning what we think you will all be wearing next summer. I know, right?! The good news is that this means I get to have a sneak preview at stuff in plenty of time for you to save up for it, and yesterday, I paid a visit to one of my very favourites, Grenson.


If the reaction the picture above got on Instagram yesterday is anything to go by, you lot are going to LOVE the new collection. I know I do; I was virtually salivating over the pair in the middle. There are some old favourites in new colours (like the yellow Emily and Clara styles above) but also lots of totally new ones. Here are my favourites.

The saddle shoes

IMG_0013I write about saddle shoes in my book but I’ve never actually owned a pair of my own. They have an interesting history, having originally been worn to play sports like golf but eventually being adopted by Lindy Hoppers because they were comfortable to dance in. Unless you’re willing to wear vintage shoes, they’re pretty hard to find. But Tim Little (he’s the big boss at Grenson) has designed them before and this season he’s introduced them for girls. I am THRILLED about this and am currently planning most of my next season outfits around the yellow and white pair…

The removable kilties

IMG_0010This is another shoe that has its origins in golf; the removable leather fringe (called a kiltie) is there to protect the laces from the wet grass. Grenson have made this style of shoe before – my second ever pair are these in yellow suede – but not with the kiltie. Funny thing is, I bought myself some yellow kilties to do a DIY version of this with but they got lost in the post. Still, I’m happy that me and Tim are on the same wavelength!!

The triple welt


The welt is the bit that attaches the top of the shoe to the sole, and there is usually only one of them. The Grenson triple welt has three stepped welts giving a stacked, exaggerated effect. I love the summer colours of grey and white – the white ones would be great to wear to a wedding (even if you were the bride!).

The dyed soles

IMG_0016These are more subtle than some Grenson styles (though I am a big fan of those big white Vibram soles), and have the sole of the shoe dyed exactly the same colour as the rest of the shoe. This picture doesn’t do them justice but they would make a brilliant everyday brogue.

The ankle boots



The grey ankle boots at the top make my heart sing a little bit! They are so simple – no laces or elastic gusset, just a zip – and the colour is gorgeous. You don’t see enough grey ankle boots if you ask me. And having lived in my Lucy brogues since I got them last month, which are the shoe version of the black chukkas above with the black sole, I’m really happy to see the style extended to a boot.

What are your favourite styles? I’d love to know – leave a comment below!





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