It’s competition time! I’m giving away a signed watercolour to one lucky En Brogue reader. It’s actually quite a hard competition for me, as I’ve got rather attached to all these paintings that I did for the book, but I’m going to be brave about it for the sake of you lovely lot.

photo-3 copy
you could win this watercolour!

The painting in question appears on page 90 of the book. It’s of a pair of brogues (of course) and my favourite type of brogues too: wing tips. I haven’t done it yet, but by the time you (if it IS you) receive it, it will have been framed, too.

don’t worry if your shoes don’t match the cover

To be in with a chance of winning, upload a picture of you in your favourite flats and your copy of the En Brogue book to either Twitter or Instagram with #EnBroguecomp by Thursday October 16th. I’ll pick my favourite and announce the winner on Friday October 17th. You know me – I’ll be giving extra marks for good floors and tiles but don’t worry, you don’t need multiple copies of the book or shoes that match the cover to be considered…



4 thoughts on “ win an original watercolour featured in the En Brogue book ”

  1. Dear Hannah,

    How happy I’m to have find yor blog!!

    Just pure serendipity!!!

    Luckily this year brogues are on and I can finf quite a lot in my city, I live in Barcelona, but some years ago it was quite difficult.. Spanish women love heels, amd I can understand why most of spanish men associated to be femenine and lady like with them.. What a nonsense!!

    So with brogues , oxfords and my pretty ballerines.. I was quite destinated to find your blog..

    As you said “Birds of a feather flock togueter”

    1. Hi Rosalia! I’m so happy to hear from you. Barcelona is a wonderful city – you have so many great tiles! I love taking pictures of my shoes on nice floor tiles…

      1. Youi are welcome.. just let me know if you feel like visiting..

        BTW Do yo know “La manual alpargatera” They have beenmaking beaytiful spadrilles for almost 70years !!!!

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