A brand I only really discovered earlier this year is Vagabond. It is HUGE in Sweden and is gaining momentum in the UK too, which is no surprise given the cool designs and great prices.  The new season styles are all now available online, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to review a few of my favourites.

Stomping boots

Stomping boots – that’s just big, clompy flats – are having a moment this season and you’re spoilt for choice with them at Vagabond. Take styling inspiration from Alexander McQueen and wear with an insanely pretty, white lace dress.

Cathy, £109.99, vagabond.com (BUY ME HERE!)
Kenova, £109.99, vagabond.com (BUY ME HERE!)


Kenova Chelsea
Kenova Chelsea boot, £89.99, vagabond.com (BUY ME HERE!)


Whether a single monk (one buckle) or double monk (two buckles), this is style is still reigning strong on the high street and with designer brands for AW14. I’m particularly fond of the Amina monk with a leather kiltie, though I would buckle mine underneath the fringe for a look straight off the catwalk.

Kenova monk
Kenova, £79.99, vagabond.com (BUY ME HERE!)
Amina kiltie
Amina, £79.99, vagabond.com (BUY ME HERE!)


Vagabond is fond of a chunky sole but it has a good offering of chic classics too. Not only that, most of the styles here come in at least three different colours, so the choice is brilliant as well. Happy shopping!

Code, £89.99, vagabond.com (BUY ME HERE!)


Amina Chelsea
Amina Chelsea boot, £99.99, vagabond.com (BUY ME HERE!)

2 thoughts on “ brand focus: Vagabond ”

  1. Love all your fabulous shoes – footwear’s my passion & mild addiction. Have you spotted Mellow Yellow in France? They’re not all funky flatties but enough to keep me interested & wanting to share.

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