my Italian tile heaven, part 2: Sorrento, Positano and Pompeii

Welcome to the second instalment in my Italian tile extravaganza! I was delighted when we (eventually) ventured out of our amazing hotel in Sorrento to find that there are tiles literally EVERYWHERE. In this corner of Italy, nowhere is too “normal” for a beautiful floor, even the pavement outside a bog-standard supermarket. It’s a wonder I ever looked up to see the stunning scenery (I did though, obvs!).

outside a supermarket in Sorrento
supermarket exterior tiles and Birkenstocks, Sorrento
outside a hotel in Sorrento
pavement tiles and Birkenstocks, Sorrento
Farmacia in Sorrento
inside a Farmacia in Birkenstocks, Sorrento

At this point I feel I should point out that I travelled VERY light and only packed four pairs of shoes. I know! Brave or what? Hence the constant Birkenshots…

villa Nuttuno, Positano
tiles in our room at Villa Nettuno, Positano, and Ancient Greek Sandals

Anyway, after Sorrento we moved on to Positano, a delightful town perched on the cliffs. You wouldn’t want to visit this place in heels, that’s for sure, as it’s impossible to get anywhere without walking up or down steep steps. Our apartment (above) was only accessible by walking up around 70 steps (lucky we’re relatively fit!) had kitsch hand-painted tiles on the floor.

outside Positano cathedral
mosaic tiles outside the cathedral in Positano and Birkenstocks
Positano cathedral
mosaics and (surprise surprise) Birkenstocks

The square outside the cathedral in Positano features a number of quirky mosaics. Not 100% sure what they mean but they’re pretty cool! We also visited Pompeii, which was AMAZING. I couldn’t believe the condition some of the tiles were in – obviously you’re not actually allowed to stand on these ancient relics, but how beautiful?

amazing AMAZING tiles at Pompeii

Tomorrow, Villa Cimbrone in Ravello…


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