En Brogue en vacances: Brittany

I’ve just returned from a week’s holiday in France (literally – I haven’t even unpacked yet) and me and my flat shoes had a lovely time. France is a brilliant place to buy cheap, eternally stylish shoes, so I took the opportunity to pick up a few pairs while I was there.

classic French espadrilles in Arradon

I always get myself a pair of espadrilles from the supermarché (along with Dijon Mayonnaise, fig jam, endless cheese flavoured corn snacks and loads of tinned fish) and this orange pair set me back a whopping FIVE EUROS. Espadrilles, or “spads” as my dad calls them, are instantly comfortable and will never go out of fashion. I love the striped designs (top) but I’d already bought my orange pair by the time I saw them and even I know when to stop buying shoes…

Natural World plimsolls in Vannes

I’ve been planning to get a pair of Bensimon plimsolls since my friend Daisy’s mum brought her a pair back from a French holiday, but this pair (which look almost identical) are actually by a Spanish brand called Natural World and at €14, were slightly cheaper too. I’ve always been suspicious of plimsolls with lace holes but no laces (why put the holes there? WHY?!), but these did come with optional laces and actually, I’m now sold on the no laces idea. The tongue of the shoe is elasticated so they’re dead easy to put on and kick off. I literally can’t stop wearing them.

decisions, decisions…

Sadly there is not yet photographic evidence to support my next purchase, but I’m planning to get that when Mr Brogue and I head to the Amalfi coast for our anniversary next month. Mr Brogue loves swimming in the sea but unlike me, didn’t grow up near the beach and as a result, has very sensitive feet (bless him). So I got him a pair of jellies for €4.90. FOUR EUROS NINETY! You might question my judgement in putting a man in a pair of jellies, but other than the fact that they are a fetching shade of slightly see-through grey, I recently clocked a very stylish man wearing a pair in Sweden. If it’s good enough for the Swedes, it’s good enough for Mr Brogue.

French street art and Birkenstocks in Boulogne-sur-Mer

I was, of course, on constant alert for interesting floors, so I will leave you with a few of my favourites.

crazy paving and Y.M.C. ‘punk’ sandals in Le Bono
ancient parquet and Marni sandals in Honfleur
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