New store alert! adidas Originals

me at the Originals store launch party. They printed this image on a T-shirt!

Exciting news! adidas has opened its first store in London dedicated entirely to its Originals range. Now, I am a BIG fan of adidas Originals. Huge. It was a pair of adidas Superstars (or ‘shell toes’ as I used to call them) that  I loved so much I slept with them next to my head so they would be the first thing I saw when I woke up. So as you can imagine, I am excited about this! The launch party last week was great fun – I got to have me and my Stan Smiths printed on a T-shirt – but the store is now fully open to the public, too.

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 12.28.24
adidas Gazelles, £75, (BUY ME HERE!)

As well as Stan Smiths and Superstars, I LOVE Gazelles. I remember coming on a school trip to London to watch Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ at the Barbican and managing to find the time to not only buy a pair of purple Gazelles, but to re-lace them in the theatre and still pay attention to the performance! I recently bought a new pale blue pair, but these in mustard are setting my pulse racing a bit, I’m not going to lie.

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 12.29.03
Superstar 2.0, £62, (BUY ME HERE!)

What’s great about Originals is that adidas keeps reinventing your favourite classic styles. This camouflage print pair of Superstars is great for the new season (there was a lot of military inspired fashion on the catwalk) and I spied some pretty amazing steel toe-cap versions in store at the party, too.

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 12.29.43
Stan Smiths, £70, (BUY ME HERE!)

Stan Smiths have had a bit of a revamp as well – there’s this lovely textured finish that comes in the off-white above, as well as the blue I’m holding in the top picture. I highly recommend a trip to the store if you’re in the Carnaby Street area – it’s at 15 Fouberts Place.

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