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Kitty & Co collection,

I don’t know what’s happening to me. In my last post I purred over some amazing feline shoes from French brand Chatelles (they have a tail!), and now I find myself doing it again. I really don’t like actual real life cats (I’ve just cleared up an almighty amount of the neighbours’ cats’ poo from my garden AGAIN and Mr Brogue is terribly allergic) but these pumps are just TOO CUTE not to draw your attention to. And yes, they’re a little on the expensive side, but everyone I’ve ever known who’s treated themselves to a pair of Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty flats has been quite literally thrilled about it.

Clever Kitty, £465, (BUY ME HERE!)


The Kitty flat isn’t a new thing, but this collection – called the Kitty & Co collection – is new for July. It includes eight styles, all made from luxurious velvet, with a personality all of their own, my favourite being Clever Kitty (above). Imagine wearing a pair of shoes that not only has a face and ears, but is wearing a pair of glasses, too!

Superstar Kitty, £465, (BUY ME HERE!)

If you go on to the website, there’s a fun feature where a digital eight ball will “shake” and tell you what kitty you are today. I was Superstar Kitty (above). Until I tried next time, when I was Pouty Kitty (below).

Pouty Kitty, £465, (BUY ME HERE!)

There’s something so delightfully childlike about this that appeals to a ten year-old me, who was obsessed by My Little Ponies (I had 24, all paid for out of my hard-saved pocket money) and Care Bears. And I do love a pair of shoes with a sense of humour. So even if you won’t be splashing out on a pair, sometimes it’s nice just to admire such pretty things.

Pretty Kitty, £465, (BUY ME HERE!)
Cheeky Kitty, £465, (BUY ME HERE!)