Chelsea Flower Shoes

bloomin’ marvellous!


I have loved the Chelsea Flower Show ever since I was off sick about twelve years ago and realised that watching this most British of institutions on TV made me feel much better. There’s something so comforting about these people who are so passionate about plants and landscaping, and seeing those beautiful gardens, too. Plus it gets me all inspired for, like, about two days, about my own garden (which is currently fighting a losing battle with snails, ivy, and the neighbours’ cats – or more specifically, their poo). I’ve never actually been though, until this week, and it was wonderful! Of course, I celebrated the occasion by wearing appropriate footwear – these Liberty print Y.M.C. skate shoes from last summer. A few people asked me about them on Twitter and Instagram and unfortunately I can’t find evidence of them still being available, but I’ve found a few floral alternatives (below) that you might like. Oh, and how amazing are these brogue plant pots?! That’s my Christmas present sorted, Mr Brogue…

best. flower pots. EVER.
Givenchy skate shoes, £415 at (BUY ME HERE!)
Toms ditsy print, £41.99 at (BUY ME HERE!)
Vans in floral print, £60 at (BUY ME HERE!)


Ancient Greek Sandals’ monogramming service

Last week I had tea with Christina and Nikolas, the founders of one of my favourite brands, Ancient Greek Sandals. I love these shoes for their authenticity; the leather and craftsmanship is so beautiful that they really could have been made in ancient Greece by an artisan cobbler. Christina and Nikolas were kind enough to give me a sneak preview of their new monogramming service, which will be available online from June 1st.

my monogrammed Thais sandals

My favourite style for the service is Thais. The cross-over slide-style feels so current with this season’s trend for pool shoes, but being made of leather they will have far more longevity than some of the more “fashion” shoes made from man-made materials. I can imagine myself wearing them for decades to come and if they are anything like my other pairs, they will only get better with age (I even dropped one pair in a swimming pool but the leather was even nicer once they had dried off!). These ones are the natural leather colour, but they are available in twelve different shades including the yellow ones below. Head to next month to bag yourself a hot stamped personalised pair. It will be £5 for the first letter and £2 for each additional letter.

Thais sandals, €145, (BUY ME HERE!)


Louis Vuitton cruise show in Monaco

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be flown out to Monaco (for work!!) to see the first ever Louis Vuitton cruise fashion show, designed by the wonderful Nicholas Ghesquiere. It was the perfect opportunity to debut my Havva sandals and I’m pleased to report that they are INCREDIBLY comfortable. They have a lovely squidgy insole (a little like you get with Clarks shoes) but they look and feel super-chic, not like a shoe that has necessarily been designed for comfort. Highly recommended from En Brogue – and look how much fun we had together!

Athena sandals, £110, (BUY ME HERE!)


High street shoe of the week

leather crossover sandals, £59.99, (BUY ME HERE!)

Something brilliant happened this week: my mum went all Marni on me. She’s a massive fan of Birkenstocks, but I never thought she would consider a pair of chunky jewelled sandals like these amazing ones from Zara – dead ringers for a Marni pair I tried on at Bicester Village a few weeks ago. Sadly, I couldn’t quite persuade her to buy them, but I’m hoping that writing about her on here will make her reconsider and she will get them! They’re a gorgeous shade of light grey and somehow those stones don’t look too bling. Go on mum, buy them! Before they sell out!

so good they deserved a picture from another angle




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