EnBrogue on BBC Radio 4 (eek!) and more: it’s this week’s Shoes Headlines

EnBrogue goes high-brow

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A couple of weeks ago, the BBC asked if they could come to my house and talk to me about my flat shoes for a feature on their Saturday morning magazine show, Saturday Live. As an avid listener of the show (I love the bit where people phone in to say thank you to someone who they couldn’t thank at the time – sometimes it’s people who have SAVED THEIR LIVES!) I was thrilled to even be asked. A lovely producer popped round with a microphone and we stood around a pile of my shoes talking about them for an hour. It’s airing this Easter Saturday morning from 9am (don’t worry – it’s been edited down to a couple of minutes!), so tune in if you want to hear me harping on about brogues and Birkenstocks!

My shoes laid out for the BBC to use as “props”

Hats and shoes: a good combination


I love hearing the funny stories behind designer collaborations. In this instance, FitFlop founder Marcia Kilgour met celebrated hat designer Stephen Jones in New York years ago when she gave him a facial and they’ve been friends ever since. They’ve now designed a shoe together, which will be available to buy in May.

Shoe crush – Zoe Lee

Zoe Lee 1
Livonia, £495, zoelee.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)

Earlier this week I had afternoon tea (doesn’t that sound quaint!) with delightful shoe designer Zoe Lee. Her life sounds idyllic; she’s just opened a shop in Paris, where she now lives, and it just so happens to be in my favourite area, The Marais (if you’ve never been, you must – it’s brilliant for shopping). The brand is only two years old, but it already has a gorgeous individual style of its own. I LOVE the summer boots in particular.

Zoe Lee 2
Opelousas, £395, zoelee.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)

High street shoe of the week

Louise sandal, £150, swear-london.com (BUY ME HERE!)

Love them or hate them, chunky sandals are here to stay…for the summer at least. A key trend to look out for is a white sole, so these from Swear are about as on trend as it gets. They’re also available in white or silver. Wear with ripped boyfriend jeans and a slouchy white tee for a casual Easter weekend look.

EnBrogue – the gift that keeps on giving

Don’t forget all the exciting things going on with EnBrogue at the moment. You’ve got until the end of April to enter the Clarks ‘Loveable Brogues’ competition, where you can win a pair of shoes and a weekend away, courtesy of Mr and Mrs Smith (read about how to enter here). There are still some of my limited edition Jemima Vine Edie slippers available, so head to the website (here) if you fancy getting yourself a pair now that it’s bare ankles weather. And until the end of May, you can get 15% off at Seven Boot Lane (read about how to do that here).

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