I got married ten years ago this September. I knew exactly what I wanted – from dress, to table settings, to location – but what to wear on my feet had me really stumped. This was back in the day when I still wore heels from time to time – for “special occasions” and job interviews – so I did feel a certain pressure to wear them on my wedding day. I ended up choosing a pair of awful sling back kitten heels; as much height as I could reasonably manage without falling over. I couldn’t bear to spend more than £35 on them because I knew that a) I would never EVER wear them again and b) I would kick them off and patter about barefoot the second the ceremony and pictures were over. I was right about both of these things – they were discarded before we even sat down to eat, never to be worn again.

If I was getting married now I would do things SO differently. My dress -rather than being long and very traditional – would be knee length, meaning it would show off my fantastic flat shoes (they’d obviously be fantastic these days). I’m helping a friend shop for flat wedding shoes at the moment, and as I’ve already done the research for her, I thought I would share it with you too…

If you want a traditional look

There are brands that specifically make flat shoes for weddings, and I’ve listed some of them here, but if you want that very traditional look you’re in luck as thanks to Simone Rocha (John Rocha’s daughter, a hot name on the London Fashion Week circuit), they’re also bang on trend. Look for lace, pearls and satin, and if you want a more modern feel, avoid ballet pumps and opt for a pointy pump instead.

Pearl ballerina flats, £480, by Simone Rocha at selfridges.com (BUY ME HERE!)
Lille lace tulle rose, £199.99, harrietwilde.com (BUY ME HERE!)


Ella, 169 euros, prettyballerinas.com (BUY ME HERE!)
floral lacer-cut leather shoes, £490 by Nicholas Kirkwood at matchesfashion.com (BUY ME HERE!)


If you want shoes you’ll wear again

I think the best option for a pair of shoes you can then wear after your wedding is a metallic pointy flat. They look wonderful with anything from a classic little black dress to jeans and a white T-shirt. You can’t move for metallic pointy flats at the moment, both on the high street and at more high end brands too, so this is an absolute winner as far as choice is concerned.

metallic T-bars, £575, by Tabitha Simmons at shoescribe.com (BUY ME HERE!)
ballerinas with crystals, £29.99, zara.com (BUY ME HERE!)
Irani, £165, lkbennett.com (BUY ME HERE!)
Attila, £395, by Jimmy Choo at net-a-porter.com (BUY ME HERE!)


If you’re more unconventional

Who says you can’t adopt a less feminine look for your wedding day? Not me. Last year I read a wonderful blog post about a couple who had both got married wearing Grenson (read it here – they also have tiles to die for, and you lot know how much I love tiles!) which was inspiring. Not all women like to wear frilly dresses and delicate shoes, so here’s a selection of brogues that I think would look amazing with a trouser suit, or a short, A-line shift. In fact, I think this last category would be my choice if I were doing it all over again…maybe me and Mr Brogue should just have a good old knees-up for our anniversary. Any excuse for a new pair of shoes…

Rose, £195, grenson.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)
Rose, £195, grenson.co.uk (BUY ME HERE!)
Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 20.51.08
Squawfish, £230, northerncobbler.com (BUY ME HERE!)
Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 20.55.53
Helen, £99, dunelondon.com (BUY ME HERE!)

So if you are getting married, don’t feel pressured into wearing heels if you really don’t want to. There’s nothing better than feeling yourself, being comfortable, and not being in so much pain that you can’t dance to the band you paid a lot of money to play at the reception. Oh, and tweet me pictures of you in your flat shoes at weddings too – whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or a guest, I’d love to see you all being comfortably stylish!

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