It’s warming up!

Today in London, the temperature is going to reach the heady heights of 15 degrees centigrade. I have a thing called The Fashion Thermometer – my own personal guide to knowing what to wear depending on the weather – and 15 degrees marks the point when you can lose your socks. By Sunday, so Carol on BBC weather has just informed me, it could get as hot as 18 degrees, which means bare legs and enclosed shoes, or sandals with jeans (bare legs AND sandals would be a step too far until it’s at least 20 degrees). Today I’ve gone for my 10 Crosby Derek Lam slippers. Come Sunday, I might be in Birkenstocks!



Salt Water is now IN STOCK

Speaking of warmer weather, now’s the time to buy your Salt Water sandals as they’ve just come into stock for the new season. I know you lot LOVE Salt Water, so buy now to avoid disappointment later. They ALWAYS sell out. The best place with the most stock is 

from £38, (BUY ME HERE!)

Adding to my lust list

The trouble with working for a glossy magazine is that I’m constantly coming across the most beautiful shoes that are right out of my price range. These amazing desert boots by Pollini, for example, which were showcased with the brand’s AW14 collection in Paris at the weekend. Seeing as I won’t be able to afford them until they go into the sale in about a year’s time, I’ll just have to enjoy this picture I took of them in the meantime…


High street shoe of the week

Hot from fashion week, I can tell you that flat shoes are not only very much still on the radar as far as high fashion is concerned, but flat white shoes. Tap into next season right now with these from Zara. They look very high end, like they might cost £350. They don’t.

cut out moccasins, £79.99, (BUY ME HERE!)

2 thoughts on “ this week’s shoes headlines: Salt Water IN STOCK, bare ankles weather and more ”

  1. Hey. I have a saltwater sandal. Im visiting london in 2 weeks and is wondering wether wearing it would be appropriate. I dont want to look like a weirdo wearing sandals and freezing my toes off. This is my first time visiting london during spring so i hv no idea really on the weather. Would appreciate it if you would give some advice. Thank you xx

    1. Bring the sandals! But bring something else warmer too. Our weather is VERY changeable – I have worn sandals a couple of times already this year but I’m going to need socks today. You can never tell in Britain until you look out of the window! Hope you have fun 🙂

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