Copenhagen fashion week

I was lucky enough to attend Copenhagen Fashion Week on Thursday and Friday, and I have to say, my insistence on only wearing flat shoes really came into its own. In case you didn’t know, it’s COLD in Denmark at this time of year, so I had some sturdy boots at the ready (unlike some other members of the British press, one of whom packed a rather unsuitable pair of Balenciaga heels! They stayed in her suitcase).

Baggy boots, £99, (BUY ME HERE!)

My most practical were these from Palladium. I’ve always loved Palladium boots since we went camping in France as a kid – all the cool French kids wore Palladium boots – but this is my first pair. Although most styles are canvas, these are leather with a rubber sole (great for grip on the ice) and most brilliantly of all, they are 100% wool lined. Toasty.

Alice boots, £235, (BUY ME HERE!)

As I had a work dinner booked though, I needed something a bit smarter too, so I packed my Grenson Alice boots. I’ve worn these in the snow before with thick socks, but for added cosiness, I tried out some Hunter shearling insoles. They are AMAZING. They do make your shoes a little snug fitting, but this is perfect for Grenson as they are pretty roomy. I teamed them with black leather trousers and a black sheepskin gilet (everyone in Copenhagen wears black. And is very tall and extremely attractive. They must have a good gene pool over there!). I sneaked in a snazzy sock though – I feel weird wearing no colour at all!

Hunter shearling insoles, £15, (BUY ME HERE!)

Of course I was there to watch a show – DAY Birger et Mikkelsen – and I’m pleased to report that as well as being a lovely collection, many of the looks were styled with flat shoes. I particularly liked the three-tone lace-ups. They won’t be available to buy for a while yet but once they are I’ll be sure to let you know.

The DAY Birger et Mikkelsen show


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