two-tone shearling boots

As I lie here in bed writing this (I’ve had a ROTTEN cold, hence my lack of blog action of late, so I’m treating myself to a lazy Sunday), the fresh, crisp November sky is tempting me out from under the comfort of my duvet. I love days like this, with clear blue skies and a chill in the air, not just because it’s a wonderful day to get outside, but because it’s a good excuse to think about buying a new pair of boots. And I’ll take any excuse to think about shoes. This morning I’ve realised that there’s something missing from my winter wardrobe: two-tone shearling lined boots.

£149, (BUY ME HERE!)

OK, OK, I DO have a couple of pairs of shearling boots – Penelope Chilvers safari boots and DUO bikers and over-knees – but I’m a sucker for some two-tone action and I’ve come across some GORGEOUS pairs that are making me reach for my credit card. These first two pairs from Brora (above) and Bimba & Lola (below) are pretty much perfect, with their just-over-ankle height that works so well with skirts and thicks tights or jeans.

£160, (BUY ME HERE!)

If you’re buying real sheepskin you will need to invest (though I think these first two are very reasonably priced) but in my experience boots like this are super-durable because of the quality materials. Not only that, we’ve started to experience real winters in this country, so if there’s going to be a decent amount of snow again this year, I want to make sure my toes are nice and warm. There’s nothing worse than having cold toes.

UGG Deleane boots, £339, (BUY ME HERE!)

For up-to-the-knee warmth, head to UGG. I continue to be impressed by UGG’s new designs (it also has some lovely shearling lined high tops) and these are the ultimate cold weather boots. Or for something a bit more masculine, try Penelope Chilvers’ Oscar boots with brogue tips – my personal favourite – with some turned up jeans and a cable knit sweater. The perfect winter outfit.

Oscar boots, £285, (BUY ME HERE!)
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