Yesterday I shot another advertorial campaign for Clarks and the focus this time was on boots. I thought it might be a bit weird wearing winter clothes in July but it rained all day in Brighton (where we were shooting), so actually it was quite fitting!

Clarks Morgan Carla boots and Clarks bag, worn with Topshop coat and blouse and Gerard Darel skirt

I know many of you loved the sneak preview of the styles I shot with Clarks last month, so here’s a few snaps of some boots you can look forward to in store at Clarks this autumn (along with a few rare pics of my face!).

Clarks Orinoco Sash boots and Clarks saddle bag, worn with Marc by Marc Jacobs coat (swoon!), Gerard Darel blouse and ACNE jeans

As you would expect from Clarks, all of these boots were incredibly comfortable (particularly the Orinoco Sash style above), but I think the brand has come on leaps and bounds in terms of design. I love the three-tone Morgan Carla lace-ups – such a classic but with that cool, modern twist.

Clarks Liquorice Snap boots and Clarks bag, worn with Mango coat

6 thoughts on “ another advertorial shoot with Clarks. This time, boots! ”

  1. They look lovely (if a little hot) but I have noticed something I hate about previous collections that they have repeated here: dirty toes. Is it just me? Why would I want to buy a new pair of shoes that look dirty? Scuffed, possibly. I am of the grunge generation that sanded our new DMs, but dirty? As I say, maybe it’s just me that’s put off…

    1. I know what you mean…but it looked good on the pair I am wearing (I thought so at least). But I get what you’re saying, sometimes that looks awful. I guess it’s like pre-ripped jeans. When it’s done well it looks cool, but get it wrong and it’s terrible!
      Anyway, I thought it worked on this pair. And my GOD were they comfortable!

  2. I will look at them (with an open mind) when they come into the shops. I think my frustration spills over from the Spring when I was trying to find my perfect brogues. I found them in the end, but spent more than a few months wishing Clarks (who I love) had not dirtied theirs.

    And thank you for an amazing blog btw. I never learnt to walk in heels, so am loving the inspiration that flows from your pages.

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