Getting tired of the same old flip-flops day after day in this heatwave? Meet my latest discovery in amazing footwear: Suavesoles flip-flops with interchangeable thongs.


Sometimes the most simple ideas are the best. Take one plain coloured pair of flip-flop soles, add in three pairs of different coloured thongs and some easy-to-use ‘fliplocker’ rings, and voila! Three pairs of shoes for the price of one. Here’s how it works.

the options
take your chosen coloured thong and thread through the top hole
place one of the fliplocker rings over the end of the thong…
…and pull tight (also, do excuse the loganberry satins on the soles of my flip-flops – I have a bumper crop this summer and they get everywhere!)
repeat until you have built your flip-flop. You’ll need to twist the two back parts slightly so they fit correctly.
€22.50 plus €5.50 delivery (BUY ME HERE!)

Aren’t they cool? They’re very comfortable too. The first time you do it it’s a little tricky but once you get the hang of it and the holes widen slightly it becomes much easier. Don’t be put off by the fact that the link takes you to a European website, they do ship to the UK. Available in 16 different colour sets though, so you might find it hard to decide which ones to buy. I know I can’t decide what colour to wear either…


2 thoughts on “ flippin’ heck, these are good! ”

  1. I love these and would definitely wear two different colours at the same time. I might just have to open that purse of mine.

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