Today has been fun! I was playing model (weird to be on the other side of the camera) in a shoot for Clarks. Luckily, they didn’t need to shoot my face, so it was just my feet (seasoned professionals as far as modelling is concerned) in the limelight.

shoes available from Clarks soon

OK, OK, so I got carried away when I saw how many cool sunglasses the stylist had brought with her and wore them anyway. But the shoes! We all know Clarks do comfortable, sensible shoes, but did you know they were this stylish?! This particular pair are patent, calf skin and suede, so have a lovely three-tone effect in texture.

shoes available from Clarks soon

And how about this pewter pair of beauties? I love the design with elastic instead of laces, and they’re not too metallic to be really showy. Just the right amount of reflect. And if you’re wondering about those amazing trousers, they’ll be available in Jaeger really soon.

shoes available from Clarks soon

Finally, this really unusual patent pair (again with that handy elastic instead of laces). How cool is that riveted effect on the toe? And I can confirm that these, and the other two pairs, are SUPER comfortable.

So…if you thought you knew Clarks, I suggest you take another look next season. It’s still great for the Originals, like desert boots, but with designs like these you’ll be heading there for more than just the old classics.

14 thoughts on “ advertorial photo shoot with Clarks ”

  1. I know it’s all about the shoes Hannah but I’m often intrigued by the outfits you’re wearing with them, how about including the odd outfit post?

    1. Ah…ok yes. I do that during fashion week but if demand is high, I’ll do more often! Just don’t expect pictures of my face. I’m a take a terrible picture (hence hiding behind the sunnies!)

  2. Love, love, LOVE the pewter pair. My sis just gave me a heads up about your blog, I can’t get enough of it!

  3. LOVE the first pair *saves the pennies*. X ps Gav just read your blog and said (very excitedly) ‘I know someone off the Internet!’

  4. So happy I’ve just stumbled upon your blog. You’ve helped reignite my love for flats & potentially helped save me from years of back pain, bunions and other ‘lovely’ ailments that come along with years of wearing heels. More people need to see your blog and realise at the end of the day, why should fashion be so painful??

  5. Your blog is just wonderful! I’m all for advocating comfortable shoes – and what better place to get them from than Clarks, eh? I’m in love with the patent pair. In fact, I’m in love with all three (may have to start saving). x

  6. I absolutely loved the pewter pair when I first saw them here and bought them a couple of weeks ago – thank you so much for the heads up! Clarks are becoming one of my favourite places for size 9s, and I can’t wait til the red patent pair come out too.

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